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Career Paths for Scholars

Recognising the diversity of talent, strengths and interests amongst our Singaporean PhD talent, A*STAR has created multiple pathways for scholars to develop and chart their careers along differentiated paths.

A*STAR will continue to support and provide a conducive environment for the majority of A*STAR scholars who want to focus on advancing their careers as scientists at the research institutes. A*STAR has also opened up opportunities for selected PhD scholars to be deployed after their first 2 years at A*STAR to industry, corporate R&D labs, public administration, technology enterprises, spin-off companies, and academia.

These avenues present opportunities for young Singaporean PhD talents to explore careers that would bring out the best of their education, research experience and other strengths to related fields that would benefit from the infusion of such PhD talent.






A*STAR scholars spend the first 2 years after PhD graduation with an A*STAR Research Institute (RI) to build up their scientific skills and research portfolio.  Thereafter multiple paths are available and may be pursued in consultation with their RI supervisors.

Scientific Track  Administrative Track  Industry Track  Academic Track
Andrew Wan
My PhD training has provided me opportunities to learn and to engage in scientific exploration, investigation and contemplation, which has prepared me for the research-intensive environment I am currently working in now.
Dr Ang Hwee Ching
NSS (PhD); Seconded to Lily Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery, Business Development

Industry Positions – This track is for those who have a strong interest in contributing to industrial labs, enterprises and start-ups. For talents showing strong aptitude and interest in a private sector career, they may be posted to our industry partners for a stint. These companies should be Singapore-based companies, and have shown commitment to Singapore, either through significant investments here or through R&D collaboration with our RIs. They may also be promising start-ups supported by our Councils or ETPL.

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