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National Science Scholarships (BS)

The National Science Scholarships (BS) provides opportunities for undergraduate studies at some of the world’s finest universities in Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering disciplines.

As A*STAR is committed to developing each individual to his fullest potential, the NSS (BS) is the only through-train scholarship in Singapore that grooms young talents for a PhD education, with a chance to work in some of the world’s renowned research institutes and learn from the best scientific minds.

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    • Singaporeans or other nationals intending to take up Singapore citizenship
    • Males are required to serve National Service prior to commencement of undergraduate studies.
    • Excellent results for GCE ‘A’ Level (minimum 11 academic units), International Baccalaureate (IB), NUS High School diploma, Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent
    • Candidates are encouraged to sit for the SAT tests to broaden their choices of institutions where they can pursue their undergraduate education.  Although A*STAR does not mandate a minimum SAT score as a qualifying condition for the undergraduate scholarships awarded for studies, applicants are encouraged to submit their SAT scores, if available, to be included in the overall assessment of their applications.
    • Preference will be given to candidates with experience and notable achievements in science- or math-related projects and activities

    For applicants on GCE 'A' Level

    • Candidates must offer 11 units or more 
    • Attained As in three H2 Science or Mathematics subjects 
    • Demonstrated achievement beyond the above, such as in research or a relevant H3 subject should be highlighted.
    • Those without relevant H3 subjects must have As in four H2 Science and Mathematics subjects.

    For applicants with International Baccalaureate (IB)

    • Obtained at least 39 points including 6,7,7 in higher level for Science and Mathematics subjects (exception will be made if candidate took Further Maths)
    • Attained at least 1 bonus point for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge

    For applicants with NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Diploma

    • Attained subject CAP of 3.60 and above, majoring in at least 3 of the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (one of which must be with Honours)
    • Excellent in Advanced Research Project

    For applicants with Polytechnic Diploma

    • Excellent academic results, at least a Diploma with Merit.
    • Demonstrated interest and passion for science-related projects/activities.

For applicants in undergraduate Year 2 & above (Mid-Term NSS(BS))

  • Singaporeans only
  • Completed and achieved at least 2 semesters or 1 academic year of graded results upon award of the scholarship
  • Enrolled in a top global university, with a minimum GPA of 3.8 for every semester in a US university, or a First Class Honours equivalent for every academic year in a UK university, or equivalent in other countries

A*STAR may include additional selection criteria based on prevailing scholarship policies.These policies may be amended from time to time without notice.



Successful candidates will be given support for undergraduate study, comprising*:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Monthly sustenance allowance
  • Annual return airfare
  • Pre-studies allowance

Mid-term NSS (BS) awardees will be offered the same terms of support as the direct NSS (BS) scholars from the point of the award, with no retrospective payment.

*Rates/allowances vary according to country and university, and are subject to adjustments by A*STAR from time to time

Service Commitment

The scholarship comes with a six-year service commitment comprising:

  • A compulsory 1-year research attachment at an A*STAR Research Institute between the BS and PhD studies.
  • Five years at A*STAR's Research Institutes upon completion of PhD studies. 
    *NSS (BS) scholars who have completed their undergraduate studies may be considered for the Duke-NUS GMS MD PhD programme on a highly competitive basis. A*STAR will fund only the PhD phase of the MD-PhD programme, subject to scholars meeting the yearly academic requirements during the MD phase. Interested scholars must notify A*STAR and submit their application to A*GA in advance. 
  • Scholars shortlisted and approved by the A*STAR interview panel will then apply to GMS for admission. Upon successful completion of the MD/PhD programme and housemanship, scholars may be considered for clinical specialist training in Singapore, subject to their academic performance, aptitude and research needs of A*STAR.
    NSS (BS) scholars who wish to pursue other MD-PhD programmes must notify and obtain approval from A*STAR before applying for admission into the programme.

Application Procedure

(i) Applicants with GCE 'A' Level/ International Baccalaureate (IB)/ NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Diploma/ Polytechnic Diploma 

To apply for NSS (BS), click here

(ii) Applicants in undergraduate Year 2 & above (Mid-Term NSS(BS))
To apply for Mid-Term NSS (BS), click here  and select ‘Mid-Term NSS (BS) Application’. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 3 months prior to the start of the intended academic year for the scholarship award.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For frequently asked questions, please click here.



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