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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What equipment is available to Applicants under A*FSP?
A list of the equipment can be found under this link – Equipment Available Under A*FSP subject to the need of A*STAR’s Research Institutes, which needs take precedence over this Programme.

Who has access to the equipment?
Small and Medium Enterprises that are (i) registered or incorporated in Singapore, (ii) at least 30% locally owned, (iii) company's group annual sales of not more than $100 million or company's group employment size not more than 200 workers. Prior to being granted use, the Applicant is required to undergo training by A*STAR’s Research Institutes and be certified to operate the said equipment. All Applicants must also abide by all Terms and Conditions of A*STAR’s Research Institutes.

I am eligible to request for equipment, what should I do?
Click on this link – Getting Started / Procedure, read the Terms and Conditions that follow, click “I Agree” and complete the on-line equipment access request form.

I need to undergo training and certification, what does this entail?
You will receive an overview of the functions and features of the equipment, as well as learn the correct techniques to adopt when using the equipment. The Trainer will also answer the Applicant’s queries regarding the equipment. Training will also include what the Applicant needs to do in order to comply with all applicable environmental, safety and health laws, regulations, rules, notices and policies. A session will subsequent be scheduled to access whether the Applicant has grasped a thorough knowledge of the equipment, its usage as well as the requisite health and safety provision. If the Applicant is found to have acquired the skills to operate the equipment and deal with all related health and safety issues thereto, the Applicant will be certified by the Trainer to be a “Qualified User” to use the equipment.

How much is training, certification and usage of the equipment going to cost me?
There is a charge for training and details of the same can be obtained from the respective Research Institutes that conduct such training session. In addition, you are also encouraged to contact the respective Research Institutes that will be providing you with usage of the equipment, for details of the charges for the said usage.

I have queries or am having difficulty with the web-site, who should I contact?
Please send your queries to or contact 68266-269 or 68266-270 for information pertaining to the web-site.


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