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Lecture Abstract



Prof Raymond Dwek

Director of Glycobiology Institute, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford


23 Mar 2005, 30 Biopolis Way, Matrix Building, Level 4, Theatrette 3A, Singapore 138671, 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Glycobiology - the new frontier: Discovery, Diagnostics and Drugs

The word 'Glycobiology' entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 1992.  It deals with the biological role of sugars attached to proteins and lipids. DNA, proteins and sugars represent the three basic building blocks of biology. The addition of sugars to proteins and lipids is controlled by the cell and many enzymes are involved.  The levels of one or more of these enzymes may change with disease, giving rise to different sugar structures and providing an opportunity to use glycosylation as a diagnostic indicator of many different diseases. A short history of Glycobiology at Oxford, the development of technology and the establishment, in 1988, of Oxford University's first ever spin-off company, Oxford GlycoSciences will be presented. The developing field of Glycobiology has opened up a wealth of possibilities for diagnostics, drugs and therapies. Current studies in the Glycobiology Institute are yielding new insights into disease as well as diagnostics for cancer and drugs for Hepatitis B & C and glycolipid storage diseases.

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