Model Factory@SIMTech

Members of the public may contact Ms Sarah Tan by email ( to arrange for a date and time to visit the factory. Visits are only conducted on Tuesday and Thursday and are subject to a maximum of 25 pax per visit.
Please click here to find out more information about the technologies that are showcased in Model Factory@SIMTech
Yes. More information will be provided soon. In the meantime, please contact Mr Wong Ming Mao by email ( for more information.

Manufacturing Control TowerTM Technologies

You may contact Mr Wong Ming Mao ( to request for more information on MCT™ and how it can help your company achieve a digital transformation so that it may exceed the competition.
Many sources of funding are available to Singapore companies from the various government agencies, including but not limited to:
  • Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) – WorkPro Job Redesign Grant and Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)
  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) – Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PICS)
  • Enterprise Singapore – Capability Development Programme (CDG) and Technology Adoption Programme (TAP)
  • Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) – Workfare Training Support Scheme (for Individuals and for Employers)
Interested companies and individuals are encouraged to visit website to discover the range of programmes available for companies to participate in to grow their capabilities.
Currently, SIMTech has inked MOUs with the Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA) and the Print and Media Association, Singapore (PMAS) to help companies create a roadmap to their digitalisation goals, and to help promote technology developed by SIMTech for use by industry.

We intend to further engage with other TACs to develop a technology innovation culture where ideas to enhance manufacturing productivity and technology can flow freely between research and industry.
As one of the leading research organisations for manufacturing technology in the region, SIMTech is well placed to advise you on the steps to take to transform your company. We have developed several tools to help companies assess their level of technology development to enable them to better direct their resources.

In addition, our Model Factory is equipped with manufacturing system technology that is designed to provide you with the experience of functioning in a fully connected digital factory and to show how data can be harnessed to give you an edge in responsiveness and competitiveness.
In SIMTech, our motto is For Industry. Therefore we believe that neither size nor age nor profitability should form a barrier for a company to adopt technologies to improve their productivity and/or competitiveness.

Our Industry Development Managers are always ready to visit you to provide suggestions on application areas; and many types of funding are available to support your technological growth.
We currently have engagements with companies that operate in the Precision Engineering, Construction, Food Manufacturing, Furniture, Landscaping, Logistics, MRO, Printing and Engineering Services sectors.

Using our technologies and systems, we have typically seen companies achieve productivity improvements of at least 25% in their targeted areas of improvement.


Hosting your application(s) on the Cloud has many benefits including;
  1. Low upfront cost. Without the need to buy and maintain your own server, your expenses can be kept low.
  2. Pay only for what you use. Pay only for what you use, when you use, through a transparent pricing system; so you do not have to worry about paying for capabilities that you do not need.
  3. Scalability. Using the Cloud allows you to scale up your capabilities (for example, processing cores and RAM) virtually instantly so you do not need to worry about upgrading and maintaining your hardware on your own.
  4. Assured uptime. Cloud services offer a guaranteed availability of up to 99.95%, so you can be assured that your apps and services will be available when you need it. Scheduled maintenance periods usually occur outside of business hours and you will be notified of any disruptions.
  5. Service and support. By working with our vendor for Cloud solutions, any troubleshooting of hardware or software performance can be done with just a call.
Our preferred cloud platform is Microsoft’s Azure. Security and privacy are built into the Azure platform according to the ISO/IEC 27018 standard; and the systems designed to safeguard your data are continuously upgraded to provide assurance to users that their data remains safe. Please refer to Microsoft’s website for an overview and white paper of the security measures in place.
We are offering our applications as packaged solutions at a fixed price to lower the costs of customisation and implementation to our users. The technology has been tested to work optimally using the stated configurations. Hence, any deviation from the model will incur additional customisation costs that will have to be negotiated separately.
SIMTech’s core focus is on research and development to support the manufacturing industry with technological innovation. We are offering the technology as a package through partnership with our vendors so that the customer can enjoy a professional level of service and support. Nonetheless, SIMTech will provide guidance and training on how to use the applications to help you experience productivity gains.