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Total visibility for you

Your entire operation in the palm of your hand

The Manufacturing Control TowerTM (MCTTM) represents a suite of solutions built to assist your company in keeping at the forefront of technology through the integration of information and decision-making throughout all levels of the manufacturing value chain.

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The value of the interconnectivity that MCTTM provides is the much needed bridging of factories, departments and people; thus allowing for new insights to be created through increased visibility, real-time connectivity and predictive algorithms.

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Not just for the management

Complete control of ground operations

MCTTM not only elevates information to managers but also supports decision-making for operators. Powered by ICT and data analytics, MCTTM's predictive engine detects issues before they even occur, ensuring flawless day-to-day performance.

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Main characteristics of MCTTM

Real-time Feedback

MCTTM maintains a high level of connectivity allowing real-time information to be captured at all levels of the value chain.

Total Visibility

Using state-of-the-art IoT technology, MCTTM provides total visibility over every part of your operations.

Timely Response

With complete visibility and real-time feedback, MCTTM provides on-the-go smart decision support, enabling prompt responses.

New Insights

Contextually correct real-time data and advanced analytics converge via MCTTM, providing valuable new insights such as live status of incomplete work orders and the impact on delivery times into existing and future operations.

On-the-go decision support

MCTTM provides both desktop and mobile applications allowing you to make decisions both at your desk as well as on the move.

With cloud-based solutions from MCTTM, your computing infrastructural needs can be scaled to your requirements and expanded at any time.


The MCTTM approach

The development journey of MCT™ is not one that SIMTech will take alone. Our strategy and roadmap aims to invite companies, MNCs and SMEs to come aboard as either Research Partners or MCT™ adopters, to realise the vision and benefit of MCT™. We also invite companies with innovative technologies to partner with us to develop an ecosystem of ready solutions that can meet industry needs.

As a Research Partner, you help to define the MCT™ roadmap by contributing your ideas and participating in the research and development of solutions that advance manufacturing technology. At each milestone, your contributions will be realised in the form of technologies that meet your specific business or operational needs and improve your competitiveness. You will also have access to the resources of the MCT™ programme to trial new systems and pilot new technologies in a risk-free environment.

As an MCT™ adopter, you join the programme as a pioneer adopter of MCT™ technology to test-bed solutions that can increase the capabilities of your company; and where your feedback will be a valuable component of further research. By adopting MCT™ technologies, you not only stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology, but also participate in a network of companies with needs similar to yours, where lessons can be shared for the mutual benefit of everyone.

We understand that progress never stops and your company may have developed an innovative solution or service that has a positive impact on industry. We invite you to join us as a Partner to offer services and technologies that complement MCT™ to shape a more potent solution that can bring value to manufacturing companies.

For Industry

SIMTech's research programmes have always sought to bridge industrial applications and scientific research. MCTTM is no exception. Our industry partner can benefit from the following:

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For Academia & Research

As part of the MCTTM programme we invite our fellow researchers to join in achieving our vision. MCTTM's numerous initiatives will be able to provide researchers with the following benefits.

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