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A*STAR SERC 2013 Public Sector Research Funding (PSF) Grant Call

The Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) 2013 Public Sector Research Funding (PSF) Grant Call seeks proposals (1) in areas of upstream research and/or (2) exploring novel concepts (rather than application of existing approaches to new technologies or development of systems). Only proposals meeting the above criteria which can contribute to SERC's broad areas of interests will be considered. SERC's areas of interest can be found by reference to the websites of the individual SERC Research Institutes.  

This grant call will be open to all researchers from publicly funded local universities, polytechnics, non-defence-related public sector agencies and other organs of state. A*STAR Research Institute and private company staff may only be involved as collaborators (without funding).

PSF typically support projects no longer than 3 years with total project value (excluding in-kind contributions, cost of existing equipment, manpower as well as building cost) of less than S$1M. Projects with budgets smaller or equal to S$0.4M (Category A) will be considered separately from those with proposed budgets greater than S$0.4M (Category B). 

It is possible for a project to request for an extension of up to 2 years with additional work scope. Such request with supporting documents may be made to SERC no later than 6 months before the project end date with the support and recommendation from at least one SERC RI.

Each submission should be done via iGRANTs <> starting 15th April 2013. Please download and read the following documents carefully in preparation for the online application.

i.   Document A – Notes to Budget Proposal Preparation
ii.  Document B – Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline for proposal submission and full endorsement by SERC is 15th July 2013.  Principal investigators should check with his/her corresponding Office of Research (or its equivalent) on his/her employing organization's internal deadlines for proposal submission. Incomplete submissions or submissions that fail to obtain all endorsements by the grant call deadline will strictly not be considered.

Proposals should not be substantially similar to proposals submitted to any other funding agency, including but not limited to the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC), Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Research Foundation (NRF).
In the event that there is a commitment to cost-share either by the employing organisation, industry or a participating sponsor, documentary evidence of such prior commitment/s must accompany the submission.

A proposal may be withdrawn at any time before a final decision by SERC is made. PI must notify timely in writing to SERC, any material change of his/her proposal, including work scope and personnel, with the endorsement of the employing organization. A proposal will be automatically dropped if the PI tenders his/her resignation or withdraws his/her participation in the proposal during the PSF evaluation period.

For all enquiries, please call 68266298 or email

Status of Grant Call:







Submission of proposals

 15 Jul 2013



Review of proposals

Jul 2013- Dec 2013



Award of proposals

Jan 2014


Last Updated on 18 Jul 2013

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