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Biomedical Sciences Research Focus

Through its research units, the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) continues to build up considerable strength in six key research areas, namely: molecular, cellular and developmental biology; cancer genetics; stem cells and regenerative medicine; Immunology and infectious disease; metabolic medicine and biomedical engineering.

The BMRC research units have also established a number of internationally-competitive technological platforms which help scientists to advance their research. The core technological platforms include genomics and proteomics, structural biology, bioinformatics and bioimaging.

These research activities enable BMRC to:

  • Establish a firm foundation of basic biomedical research capabilities
  • Translate basic discoveries in the lab into clinical applications to improve human healthcare
  • Create new scientific opportunities and discoveries through the intersection of biomedical and physical sciences & engineering, in order to tackle increasingly complex problems in the world
  • Develop cutting-edge technologies to support and advance biomedical science research

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Last Updated on 20 June 2012

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