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Advanced Energy Storage Programme

Going beyond Lithium-ion Technology


Energy storage is a critical and pivotal technology in the modern industrial society. Providing power on demand, energy storage solutions such as batteries are widely deployed in sectors such as consumer electronics. Moving forward, energy storage technologies are also likely to undertake a greater role in the electrical grid as they are essential to the effective integration of intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power into the energy supply. Concurrently, energy storage technologies will also be critical in the electrification of the transportation sector, where fossil-based liquid fuels and internal combustion engines make way for full-electric drives.

Among existing battery systems, the Lithium-ion battery (LIB) shows the greatest promise and is used pervasively across various applications from consumer electronics to transportation due its relatively high energy density. Nonetheless, the LIB is currently unable to deliver solutions that can continue to address the growing needs for large-scale storage purposes due to inherent limitations in safety and costs. In this regard, electric vehicles (EVs) and grid storage applications require large-scale storage solutions that can provide high energy density performance with extended operations in steady state. This provides a window of opportunity to develop emerging battery chemistries beyond the Lithium-ion technology.

The Advanced Energy Storage Programme is a joint lab initiative between IMRE and NUS to leverage on the electro-chemistry capabilities within the two entities to focus on developing battery research, beyond Lithium-ion technology, for high power and energy density, environmentally-friendly and cost effective electro-chemical storage solutions. The programme is designed to build and deepen research efforts in metal-air battery technology as well as the integration of battery with super-capacitor to achieve the most optimal energy and power density performance. The programme commenced officially on 1st July 2012.


Dr. Liu Zhaolin

Senior Scientist II

Tel 65 6872 7532 

Low Wan Li

Senior Officer, SERC

Tel 65 6826 6473

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