OLIVIA 2.1 is an experimental robotic platform to evaluate various technologies relevant to social robotics. The robotic brain module makes it easier for various modules or algorithms to be integrated.

Various research is currently undergoing using OLIVIA 2.1, which includes attention directed dialogue for sophisticated human-robot interaction & human-robot physical interaction to achieve safe and "soft" robotic motion.

- 1.6 meter & 152 kg

- Mobile Robots Power BOT

- Servomotor + Harmonic Gear System +
Drive Unit + Harmonic Drive Servo Actuators

- 8 Microphones at Head for 3D Sound Localization.
- 4 Microphones at Chest for Speech Enhancement

- Bumblebee® 2, DVN1501 mono-camera

We introduced Olivia 2.1 and Lucas at Robocup 2010, please watch the news filmed and reported by A*STAR Corporate Communication Team.