Jianjun LIU

Senior Group Leader, Human Genetics
Deputy Director, Research Programmes


Research interest of my lab is to understand the biological basis of disease inheritance. Mainly focusing on complex diseases, my lab is pursuing collaborative research to discover genetic variants that influence disease susceptibility, progression and treatment outcome by employing both hypothesis-driven and genome-wide association analyses. Largely working on Asian populations, my lab is currently researching on diverse disease phenotypes, including cancers, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, neurological and psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. Supported by strong funding from the Biomedical Research Council and National Medical Research Council of Singapore, the collaborative research by my lab has led to the discovery of many novel disease susceptibility genes for human diseases.

Moving beyond the discovery of novel disease susceptibility loci, my lab is also working towards to understanding biological mechanisms underlining novel disease susceptibility loci through genetic fine mapping analysis and functional investigation in in vitro cellular and in vivo animal model systems. My lab is also interested in exploring the integration of genetic and genomic analyses in order to gain more mechanistic insights into the biological basis of human disease inheritance. Furthermore, because the extent and distribution of disease predisposing genetic variation in the human species today is the result of a long and complicated evolutionary, migratory, and demographic history, my lab is also interested in investigating population processes affecting genetic variations in modern human populations. Such population genetics research can not only improve our understanding of the population structure of modern Human species, but also further facilitate our studies of complex disease.


  • 1991 Fellowship, Duke University

    1999-2000 Young Investigator Award, National Alliance For Research On Schizophrenia and Depression

    2000-2001 Young Investigator Award, Cure Autism Now Foundation

    2010 Chen Young Investigator Award, Human Genome Organization (HUGO)

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