Christopher WONG

Chief Operating Officer, Polaris


As a technopreneur, I have been involved in developing technology and products for diagnostics, prognostics and theranostics, in the fields of cancer and infectious diseases, through interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts with academic and industry partners. Products developed previously include resequencing chips for SARS, Dengue and Influenza A H1N1(2009).
I firmly believe that it is important that good scientific discoveries should have an impact beyond the research laboratory. Thus, I am testing out 2 model systems to see which method would be more efficient in achieving this goal.

  1. Spinning out a company for Pathogen Discovery and Diagnostics. We have developed a pathogen chip which can detect >50,000 virus and >20,000 bacteria genomes from patient samples.
    Together with 3 other scientists (Martin Hibberd, Ken Sung, Charlie Lee) from GIS, we founded PathGEN Dx Pte. Ltd. As founder and director of PathGEN Dx, I am responsible for fund-raising and promoting adoption of this technology by researchers and clinicians globally.

  2. Large-scale inter-disciplinary collaborative project: POLARIS (Personalized OMIC Lattice for Advanced Research and Improving Stratification) POLARIS is a strategic initiative for introducing and embedding OMIC information into the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases in Singapore. It is a partnership initially between A*STAR, SingHealth and NUH, but open to other collaborators as the program matures. Initial disease focus areas are lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, eye and infectious diseases.
    As Chief Operating Officer for POLARIS, I am responsible for all business development activities, partnerships and collaborations with industry and healthcare partners, as well as ensuring that the laboratory infrastructure and operations meets required standards for licensing and accreditation.

    In July 2014, POLARIS launched it's first clinical test, the POLARIS™ TGFBI test for identifying patients who may be at risk of developing corneal stromal dystrophy.

Postdocs, graduate students and returning A*STAR scholars who are interested in a career as an entrepreneur in the biotech/biomed fields are welcome to contact me.


  • 2012 Dean's List, Singapore Management University

    2011 A*STAR MBA Sponsorship

    2003 National University of Singapore/National University Hospital Young Scientist (Poster) Award

    For co-developing a SARS Resequencing Array enabling rapid contact tracing and identification of the infectious source.

    2001 AACR-Pfizer Scholar in Training Award

    For the discovery that apoptosis is the rate-limiting step in the metastatic cascade, and that proliferation of metastatic tumor cells occur within the lung vasculature in a mouse tumor model.

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