Market reports have indicated that the global cumulative smart grid market is expected to surpass $400 billion worldwide by 2020, with an average compound annual growth rate of over eight per cent. Within this market, Southeast Asian countries are expected to invest $13.6 billion in smart grid infrastructure between 2014 and 2024. According to Frost and Sullivan, Singapore possesses advanced SCADA systems to detect electricity supply disruptions automatically at transmission and distribution level whenever they occur. This makes the nation an ideal location to leverage new technologies to bring the capabilities of its power grid to the next level, in which A*STAR needs to play a role.


Industrial Smart Grid Consortium

The recently launched A*STAR’s Industrial Smart Grid Consortium supports Singapore’s vision to be a leading hub for smart grid technologies. By working together with regulators in this fast-changing space, it aims to strengthen the value chain in key segments of the power industry and through investments in science and engineering.

Leveraging on the strong capabilities in the A*STAR’s Research Institutes (RIs), the Consortium undertakes research to enhance the competitiveness of our members. Where required, A*STAR also works bilaterally with companies on directly commissioned research.  Where necessary, capabilities external to A*STAR would be drawn upon to enhance the efficacy of the Consortium’s research.

For more information, please contact:
Dr Murali, Deputy Head (Industrial Smart Grid Consortium, ISGC) (
Dr Henry Wong, Head (Smart Energy & Environment Department, I2R) (



The Experimental Power Grid Centre (EGPC) was launched in 2009 to lead in creating know-how for intelligent and decentralised power distribution, interconnection and utilisation. EPGC provides the complete value chain in Research, Development & Demonstration for the development of electrical power grids, integrated thermal systems and distributed energy resources. It carries out research in power systems engineering, integration of distributed energy resources and intelligent energy management through advanced modelling, simulation, control and optimization of the systems. Located in Jurong Island, EPGC offers unique experimental platforms and facilities including a 1MW rated experimental power grid which can be used to test and verify new grid concepts in real-time and at actual grid conditions. Its research platforms also support test-bedding of integrated electrical-thermal systems and green building solutions.

EPGC’s mission also includes:

  • Developing collaborative R&D with A*STAR Research Institutes, Universities, Industry and Singapore Public agencies to address both industry needs as well as national challenges; and
  • Promoting quick adoption and implementation of innovative technologies through experimental test and validation

For more information, please contact:
Mr Alex Chong, Senior Manager, EPGC (