Tanglin Corporation Pte Ltd
Tanglin Corporation Pte Ltd is one of the SMEs that benefited from the programme. The company specializes in joinery works, construction equipment rental. It also provides additional services, including technical support and workers' accommodation.

The company faced challenges such as lack of experienced operators, inefficient machine operations, time-consuming process of manually managing, tracking, auditing and locating construction components in the warehouse and works' fatigue after long working hours of packaging items with strings.

To overcome these challenges, the company has adopted several solutions such as OEE Assesssment & Productivity Improvement Programme, Item Management & Tracking System and LEAN Implementation Programme.

OEE Assessment & Productivity Improvement Programme Item Management & Tracking System
LEAN Implementation Programme
  • Waiting time for materials reduced by 24%
  • Loading/unloading reduced by 34%
  • Potential savings of 241 hrs/year/machine
  • Improved cycle time by 24%
  • Provided stock visibility in terms of stock received and stock drawing
  • Report generation reduced from 3 hours to 30 mins
  • Reduced manpower from 2 to 1. The other worker is redeployed to perform other tasks

Source: A*STAR iSME Newsletter 8th Edition, April 2016