Industrial Internet-of-Things Innovation (I³) Programme

The Industrial Internet-of-Things Innovation (I³) programme is a new industry-driven initiative by the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) of A*STAR. Based on a contemporary business model of public-private partnership, I³ aims to accelerate and drive the adoption of Industrial Internet-of-Things (lloT) research into industry-ready solutions by bringing together best-in-class global and local companies and R&D minds in Singapore.


To accelerate and drive the adoption of IIoT solutions beyond the factory floor.


One-stop IIoT Innovation Centre for the Future of Manufacturing.

The I³ programme is a public-private-partnership established by A*STAR as part of the Future of Manufacturing Initiative to develop and accelerate the adoption of IoT technologies for advanced manufacturing sector and engineering sector. To complement existing A*STAR Model Factories, I³ focuses on developing smart integrated asset and product deployment solutions for real industry applications that extend beyond the factory floor.


The I³ programme operates as an industry-driven consortium by bringing together end users, solution providers and research performers to collaborate and translate existing technologies into end-to-end IIoT solutions, as well as co-develop new technologies with A*STAR Research Institutes (RIs) and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) in Singapore. SMEs and startups can also benefit from this open collaboration as they upgrade their capabilities and position themselves as solution providers to the end users in the consortium.

CONSORTIUM & Memorandum of understanding PARTNERS

The Consortium allows industry members to minimise their R&D risks through shared development resources; while at the same time, co-create market-ready IIoT solutions that are validated in simulated industry operating environments. Currently, a total of eight companies have joined the consortium. Several other companies are in the process of joining the consortium.

Our Consortium & MoU Partners

Value Proposition

Access to shared development resources
Access to shared development resources

Faster implementation
Faster implementation via close proximity to IIoT ecosystem

Independent of providers' solutions
Independent of providers' solutions

Regular networking for exchange of ideas
Regular networking for exchange of ideas

Harness expertise of A*STAR, universities and providers
Harness expertise of A*STAR, universities and providers

Minimize risk via testbed and proof of concept
Minimise risks via testbed and proof of concept

Solving Industry Use Cases

I³ builds differentiated capabilities in the areas of Collect, Connect and Comprehend to help industries effectively Track, Monitor and Optimise their parts, assets and products.



Robust data extraction in harsh, unpredictable environment



Intelligent and secure data processing and transmission at the edge



Effective data analysis for operational insights



Location and status tracking, digital thread for product lifecycle



Condition/Process monitoring, 
real-time anomaly detection



Improve/Maximise assets utilisation, predictive maintenance


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