Developmental Opportunities for Scholars


At A*STAR, we recognise and appreciate the diversity of talent, strengths and interests among our PhD scholars. There are multiple pathways for our scholars to develop and chart their careers - in industry, academia, spin-off companies, patent examination, technology transfer and research management.

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At A*STAR, we care about our scholars’ well-being. Besides providing our scholars with a stellar academic experience, we actively engage them through dialogues and specialised enrichment programmes.

VISTA programmes

The Vista programmes were designed specifically to facilitate our scholars' alignment to and identification with A*STAR at key junctures of their scholarship journey. The main objectives of the programmes are to socialise and facilitate scholars’ mental preparation for their upcoming journey of undergraduate and graduate studies and their future deployment in A*STAR. 

Keeping in Touch

At A*STAR, we understand the importance of staying connected. Behind every scholar is a dedicated team consisting scholarship officers, scholars’ counsellor, academic mentors and graduate affairs directors.We keep in touch with our scholars and keep them abreast of the latest developments in A*STAR and Singapore.

We are always on hand to look after your welfare and provide guidance to enhance your education experience.

Visits from Home

Chairman A*STAR and senior leaders in A*STAR make it a point to set aside time to meet with our overseas-based scholars during their business trips and bring them news of home. We also conduct web seminars and face-to-face sessions to provide scholars with key updates and a platform to dialogue with senior A*STAR leaders.

A*STAR Scholars’ Network (ASN)

The A*STAR Scholars’ Network (ASN) was launched in 2006 as a professional network for our scholars. Headed by the scholars themselves, the ASN organises activities to bring the A*STAR scholar community closer together.

Mapping Your Future

At A*STAR, we take your future seriously. Recognising the diversity of talent, strengths and interests amongst our scholars, we have created multiple pathways in scientific research, industry, academia and others for you to develop your career along differentiated paths.


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