The Advanced Remanufacturing theme aims to develop advanced technology for the rejuvenation of high value components with complex geometry, using state-of-the-art technology for cleaning, removing defects and adding material to reconstruct the features. Integrated adaptive technology minimises human intervention and at the same time, reduces errors that can potentially lead to rework or scrapping of expensive parts, thereby enhances productivity.

Removal of Contaminants

  • Environmental friendly cleaning technologies by minimising the usage of harsh chemicals
  • Selective cleaning solutions to avoid pre-/post processing and reduction of consumables
Integrated Adaptive Machining Technology

  • Precise removal of defects from high value superalloy components
  • Integrated adaptive machining of components to compensate for part-to-part variations
Additive Techniques for Part Regeneration

  • Free-form reconstruction of complex features for part repair
  • Minimalisation of part distortion and heat damage through thermal management