The robotisation of manufacturing processes offer a number of advantages over the conventional approaches including flexibility in handling complex features, ability to work in harsh environment, as well as added intelligence in adaptive feedback control. The ARTC has developed a number of robotic applications for members including inspection, dry ice cleaning and surface finishing.

Adaptive Robotised Finishing

  • Processes include deburring, linishing, polishing and grinding
  • Provides high accuracy and repeatability
  • Improves quality and consistency by eliminating human intervention
  • Reduces consumables usage and HSE issues

Intelligent Inspection System

  • Scanning of 3D geometry for inspection & reverse engineering
  • Combination of camera & scanner based on the application
  • Feature recognition & data processing to define manufacturing process
  • In-situ capability with automated tool change

Automated Cleaning System

  • Fully automated cleaning using dry ice blasting
  • Scalable according to the application & component
  • Automated robot toolpath programming
  • No manual intervention & eliminate HSE risks
Collaborative Robot
  • Human friendly robots for industry application without any cages & minimum HSE risks
  • Robots work together and act as an assistant to the operator
  • No need for coding as programming is done by demonstration