The Additive Manufacturing Industrialisation theme develops advanced technology for the manufacturing of high value components. The focus is to identify current limitations on part geometry and performance using traditional manufacturing methods, and explore opportunities for product improvement and functionality using additive technology.

In addition, the technology theme aims to deliver complete solution from pre- to post- additive manufacturing processes, in order to enable test bedding of the manufactured components and translation into production ready solutions.

Additive Process Development
  • Development of near net shape manufacturing for metallic & ceramic materials
  • Process optimisation for material and part performance
  • Improvement in material utilisation efficiency and cost reduction
Pre- and Post- Processes
  • Analyse and develop powder materials for performance
  • Post-machining and surface finishing of additive parts
  • Methodologies for measurement and validation of part quality
Process Industrialization
  • Process repeatability and part consistency
  • Scalability in size and build speed for productivity
  • Test bedding of additive manufactured components