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Image showing One-Stop Biomarker Shop: 1. Plasma-based biomarkers (candidate/proteome/microRNA/immunology panels) 2. Cell-based biomarkers (Flow Cytometry: immunophenotyping). Biomarker signatures can be early predictors of Heart Failure (HF) or gives insight into MOA of Heart Failure. Early predictors of HF: Validation studies (Asian: ASIAN-HF, SHOP); non-Asian: PEOPLE). Insights into MOA into HF: flow cytometry/CyTOF, Nanostring/Luminex etc


Hypothesis: Biomarkers offer diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, mechanisms and targets


Platforms for ATTRaCT:

  • “Classical” candidate peptide approach (CVRI, SIgN)
  • Proteomics  (IMCB) 
  • microRNA discovery (CVRI, Biochemistry YLL SoM, ETPL)
  • The “immunome” (STIIC, SIgN)

Applied across human cohorts and animal models

pathophysiology of Heart Failure, Myocardial stress, natriuretic peptides, troponins, Myocyte injury, cGMP/NP ratios, Matrix remodeling, MMPs, TIMPS, PIIINP, PICP, CITP, galectin-3, osteopontin, Inflammation, CRP, GDF15, ST2, galectin 3, CNP/NT-proCNP, endothelin, Renal dysfunction, eGFR, cystatin C, Ur Protein, NGAL, KIM1, IGFBP7, Neurohumoral activation, NPs, MR-proADM, RAAS, Oxidative stress, MPO, IL-s