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Reducing calorie intake is key to weight loss

In an article about exercising and eating myths, Faidon Magkos, principle investigator of the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC), pointed out that reducing calorie intake is the most important factor in weight loss. If you eat after exercising, your body will compensate for the fats and sugars burnt during exercise. “Whether you exercise on an empty stomach or after eating, you will not lose weight in the long term and your body structure will not change if you don’t reduce your calorie intake.” Chooi Yu Chung, research dietitian at CNRC also shared about eating a variety of vegetables is a good dietary practice, as vegetables provide fibre and phytonutrients which help maintain good health. According to Health Promotion Board’s “My Healthy Plate”, a guide to creating balanced meals, it is recommended that we fill half our plates with fruit and vegetables. CNRC is a joint initiative between A*STAR’s Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences and the National University Health System (NUHS).

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