Key R&D Areas

The Fibre Devices and Optical Systems (FDOS) programme was established in May 2013 with key R&D activities centred on:
(a) practical all-fibre devices, 
(b) localised and large-scale fibre device fabrication methodologies, as well as 
(c) optical technology for industrial implementations. 

Some of the on-going works being carried out include integrated fibre-to-chip devices, laser micro-processing in fibres, laser-induced all-fibre devices as well as, industrial prototyping for high-speed parallel optical testing metrology and miniature fibre probe position sensors.

The FDOS programme engages both industrial as well as academic R&D activities, supported by well-equipped laboratories and cleanroom facilities. Technical collaborations with emphasis on creating practical solutions to current technology bottlenecks are welcome. 

Who to Contact:
Dr Arseniy Kuznetsov