R&D Achievements


DSI's pioneering and innovative technologies catering to the expansive data storage industry led to the filing of numerous patents. Below is a list of patents DSI was granted from 2009 to current.

Invention Title
A File System For A Storage Device, Methods of Allocating Storage, Searching Data and Optimising Performance of A Storage Device File System
A Low Profile Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Segment Structure
A Low Profile Spindle Motor
A Magnetic Structure And A Magnetic Recording Medium Comprising the Same
A Magnetoresistance Device
A Method of Measuring Fly-Height (Image Based n & k Compensation for Fly Height Testing)
A New Method to Detect the True Zero-Crossing points of Phase Back EMF for Sensorless Control of Brushless DC Motors
A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (An permanent magnet synchronous motor operating with axial magnetic field)
A Sensor Arrangement
A Simulation software for electromagnetic fields around small objects based on Mie theory and particle on surface theory
A Slider For A Hard Disk Drive
An Efficient Dual Frequency PES Demodulator
Chemically Ordered Perpendicular Recording Media
Diode and Memory Device Having A Diode
Electrically Writeable and Erasable Memory Medium
Magnetic Memory Device
Magnetic Recording Media With A Synthetic Nucleation Layer and Method of Manufacture
Magneto-Electric Field Effect Transistor for Spintronic Applications
Medium for Use in Data Storage, Thermal Energy Storage and Other Applications, with Functional Layer Made of Different Materials
Method & Implementation of In-Situ Absolute Head Medium Spacing Measurement
Method and Apparatus for Testing Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Media
Method and System for Encoding and Decoding Information with Modulation Constraints and Error Control
Method And Tester For Optical Flying Height Measurement
Method for Clock Track Closure & Jitter Compensation
Multi-State Per Cell Magneto-Resistive Random Access Memory
Nano-Contacted Magnetic Memory Device & Methods for Making Same
Nanometer Resolution Runout Measurement of Hard Disk Drive Spinning Disks and Motor Based on Laser Doppler Vibrometer and Other Displacement Sensors
Novel Phase Change Magnetic Material
Optical Flying Height Measurement and Calibration with Dual Sliders
Phosphazene Compound, Lubricant And Magnetic Recording Medium Having Such Compound, Method Of Preparation, And Method Of Lubrication
Sector Based Timing Recovery for a Readback Signal
Tunable Bias Field on Free Layer in Spin Transfer Torque MRAM with Perpendicular Anisotropy
Wireless Transportation Protocol