R&D Capabilities

Materials Science Lab

The Materials Science Laboratory (MSL) offers an extensive range of advanced analytical services to support the demanding requirements of various industries, including the electronics, hard disk, semiconductor, oil and gas, and chemical industries.  

MSL's material analysis capabilities are clustered within its four laboratories: the Surface & Interface Characterization Laboratory, Chemical Analytical Laboratory, Electron Microscopy Laboratory and X-ray & Magnetic Characterization Laboratory. These laboratories are well equipped to provide material analysis with high depth and spatial resolution and high chemical/compositional sensitivity.  

MSL has a long history of collaboration with industry, helping to apply the latest research insights on industry best practices, including through laboratory testing standards and improving periodic monitoring processes. This has helped to build up a large library of failure analysis case studies and technical reports, providing the crucial evidence base required for a well-informed failure analysis.    

The MSL team comprises of senior scientists and research engineers from a diverse research and industry background, and leverages on the team's expertise and its wealth of industry experience to provide a  one-stop failure analysis service to evaluate and identify the root cause of failure.

Dr Ji Rong
E: ji_rong@imre.a-star.edu.sg