R&D Capabilities

Materials Science Lab

The Materials Science Laboratory (MSL) of Data Storage Institute (DSI) offers a broad range of advanced analytical services to support the demanding requirements of the data storage industry. With high-performance analytical instruments housed in three laboratories namely the Electron Beam Analytical Laboratory, Surface Analytical Laboratory and Chemical Analytical Laboratory, the MSL team leverages on the expertise of its experienced scientists to develop techniques and methods for material composition analysis and characterization.

Each laboratory is equipped with tools that are capable of performing materials analysis with high depth resolution, high spatial resolution, and high chemical/compositional sensitivities to take on challenges in determining material composition and impurity.

Over the course of the past 10 years, MSL has collaborated with numerous industrial partners and shared its best practices through standardised laboratory testing and project management policies, enabling the team to build on a pool of industry literature comprising industrial failure analysis case studies and technical reports of projects. The analytical results have enabled DSI’s collaborators to identify root causes for contaminations and defects on media and sliders, analyse surfaces/interfaces cleanliness, and conduct routine process monitoring. More importantly, the established domain knowledge in data storage related materials enables the MSL team to actively support DSI researchers in Non-Volatile Memories Program, 5mm Thin Drive Program, and Photoelectronic Integration and Meta Materials Program.

Research Focus:

  • Materials Failure Analysis and Characterization in
    1. STT-MRAM (Micron) project
    3. 10Tb/in2 and thin drive project
  • Lube-carbon related analysis and characterization
  • Chemical Integration for thin drive project
  • Industrial services and External collaborations

Failure Analysis System (FAS) website:

Dr Ji Rong
Division Manager, MSL
E: Ji_Rong@dsi.a-star.edu.sg