Differential Planar CT (DPCT) Scan Reconstruction Technology

Ref: S0039

Research Institutes: Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)

Tech readiness: Prototype

Intellectual Property: Patent - Pending

Category: Manufacturing - Moulding, Sintering, Casting & Nanoimprinting; Manufacturing - Assembly, Automation & Robotics

Author: Suey Li


DPCT is developed based on the traditional FDK algorithm. However, unlike traditional FDK the square reconstruction slices are always defined along the rotation axis; with DPCT, the reconstruction volume is defined exactly along the scan-start-orientation of the object. Therefore, when the reconstruction is completed, the object is well-oriented with respected to the reconstruction volume dimensions.

Our Innovation

DPCT allows for:

  • Automatic central ray determination with scanning data of the object.
  • Automatic determination of the orientation and geometrical parameters of the object before reconstruction.
  • Define the differential reconstruction volume with the determined parameters and establish the geometrical relationships between the physical object points and reconstruction pixels in the back-projection process of the reconstruction.
  • Very Fast reconstruction.
  • Easy visualization for planar and/or multilayer
  • Localized differential reconstruction.
  • Less computer resources required  

Potential Applications

Suitable to be used for inspection for Semiconductor packaging, PCB assembly, Aerospace, Precision Engineering, Casting, Molding, Automotive parts, etc...

Our Value Proposition

The technology can be implemented into existing X-Ray equipment with CT scanning capability. 
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