Handheld glass inclusion inspection system

Ref: S0043

Research Institutes: Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)

Tech readiness: Prototype

Intellectual Property: Patent - Pending, Patent - Granted

Category: Manufacturing - Surface Finishing & Modification; Logistics - Value-Added Services

Author: Beverly


A handheld inspection sysytem for high speed, in-situ detecton of  inclusions and other faults in transparent panels (glass panels) installed in buildings and as well as in quality checks in the glass panel manufacturing process. This is a non-destructive method compared to currently avaiable heat soaking process, which heats the glass up and the glass would shatter if it contains the inclusion, Nickel Sulphide. 

Our Innovation

The technology is a novel technique that uses selective media to improve and direct illumination light into glass. The realization of Total Internal Reflection (TIR) inside the glass enables the scattering of lights by inclusions and hence, detecting such inclusions in glass. The equipment consists of the hand-held device, which include the silicon rubber roller, and the light source which can be either the lamp & fiber bundle or the LED.

Potential Applications

Inspection of architecture glass (on site or before installation). In process inspection for glass processing plant.

Our Value Proposition

End users: purchase equipment and end-user license. Service providers: purchase equipment and full service license
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