Micro-human embryo platform for developmental toxicity testing in vitro

Ref: B0001

Research Institutes: Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN)

Tech readiness: Concept

Intellectual Property: Patent - Pending

Category: Life Sciences - Biotech Research Reagents & Tools

Author: Charis


Developmental toxicity or teratogen testing is applied to detect adverse effects of chemicals on the developing embryos. It is important not only in preventing birth defects but also in developing medicine safe for pregnant women. Current animal based testing is time consuming and labor intensive with high interspecies variations.  There is a need for better in vitro human cell-based models.

Our Innovation

A*STAR has developed an innovative in vitro toxicity screening model based on human pluripotent stem cells. The model recapitulates spatial patterning of mesoendoderm differentiation, the earliest differentiation event in a localised region of a gastrulating embryo,  presenting a more specific, sensitive and efficient screening platform. Image processing and statistical algorithms have also been developed to quantify and classify the teratogenic potential of compounds.

Potential Applications

Pharma track: teratogen screening for drug development

Non-Pharma track:  teratogen screening for chemical ingredients, environmental factors et al.

Our Value Proposition

Human specific model base on commercially available human pluripotent stem cell linesUnique in vitro model which can capture both temporally and spatially controlled embryonic development processHigh accuracy 95% in 33 tested compoundsHigh throughput potential
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