Choon Kiat ONG

Principal Investigator


The research group interests include functional genomics and translational research in lymphoma. Lymphoma is a very complex disease with more than a hundred subtypes. We focus mainly on non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), especially the T and NK cell lymphoma which are more prevalent in Asian. Besides understanding the disease through the use of various types of sequencing methodologies, we have also developed patient derived xenograft (PDX) models which are highly relevant to clinical drug testing and development. This capability allows us to further verify our discoveries at the genomic level, generating preclinical data and bringing the studies towards clinical trials. We are also in good position to partner pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for novel applications. For example, our discovery of the prevalence of JAK-STAT pathway activation in some T and NK-Cell lymphoma, together with our PDX models, has resulted in partnership with medicinal chemical companies to co-develop novel compounds against this oncogenic pathway. One of the objectives of our laboratory is to develop and apply technologies in cancer research, translating them to patient care. We have strong interest in developing diagnostic and prognostic assays for lymphoma from clinically relevant materials such as FFPE samples, FNA samples, plasma, serum, urine, etc…..


  • 2014 SingHealth Publish! Award (Outstanding)

    2013 SingHealth Publish! Award (Outstanding)

    2006 Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) Scholarship Award (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

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