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Note: Please note that these packages are work-in-progress and intended to be offered in the near term. The final version of the packages may differ from the one in this brochure.

Consultancy Service Package - EMC Analysis of Electronic Systems: Radiated Emission, Susceptibility, and Shielding Effectiveness

"EMC Analysis of Electronic Systems: Radiated Emission, Susceptibility, and Shielding Effectiveness"

Recent advancements in electronics and higher operational frequency range in data communications highlighted several important Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues in the industry. The reliability, efficiency and security level to the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of electronic circuitry and data processing are key concerns in our modern system development.

Traditional EMC design and analysis are carried out in the post product design stage in the lead time. To implement EMC, retrofitting is largely required and this scheme proves expensive in terms of time, cost and manpower.

EMC computer modeling provides a very useful solution as it allows us to simulate and solve real world EMC problems during the early design stage before prototyping is done. More importantly, it allows the design engineer to "look into" the system to better understand how the circuitry reacts when an electromagnetic noise is injected.


- To model internal and external electromagnetic environment of an electronic system

- To model the leakage of electromagnetic power and analyze the electromagnetic susceptibility of cables, PCBAs, and systems

- To simulate the electromagnetic interference of the electronics system

- To analyze the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness

- To generate the critical EMC design guidelines

Deliverables and Benefits:

- Technical support documentation (project report, EMC design guidelines, etc)

- Technology transfer through individual applied research projects

- Access to IHPC’s supercomputing resources

- Access to experts (PhD trained with industry experience) in EMC