Leveraging the advanced Si CMOS-fabrication technologies in IME's Semiconductor Process Technology Laboratory, the Nano-Electronics Programme focuses on Si CMOS platform-based Si-Nanowire devices with applications in electronics and bioelectronics, as well as novel storage memory. Its recent research efforts are concentrated on ultra-low power nanowire logic for green electronics, stackable non-volatile memory devices for high density data storage, and nanowire-based photovoltaic and thermoelectronics for clean energy harvesting. 

Research Areas

  • Devices and technology for energy efficient computing
  • Low power logic and stackable ultra high density NVM
  • Multifunctional device platforms
  • Clean energy harvesting and storage technologies (Solar, Thermoelectric, Batteries)


For enquiries, please contact:

Ms. Kavitha Devi Buddharaju
Tel: +65 6770 5758