28 October 2015

Ms. Xie Ling, a researcher with IME’s Technology Development – Advanced Packaging Group, has received the Excellent Oral Presentation Award at the 2015 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology which took place in Singapore on 28 – 29 Oct 2015. The presentation titled “A Novel Method of CoW Bonding for High Density Ultra-fine Pitch IC Stacking Application” proposes a novel method of Cu-Cu bonding that successfully realized high-density fine pitch interconnects with pitch at 10µm compare to 40µm in current industry manufacturing and 25µm in other research organization. This research developed a process baseline to fabricate fine pitch Cu interconnection and assemble with low temperature and high throughput. Addressing these parameters is vital to enabling 3DIC with high interconnects density and will bring 3DIC integration technology closer to mainstream adoption. In addition, compare to conventional chip-to-chip bonding, such bonding is particularly useful for electronics as it enables miniaturization and faster signal transmission. These are important IC design features for next generation mobile phone, tablet and other communication devices for high performance 3D memory and CMOS image sensor electronic packaging.