Jubilee of Precision Ellipsometry

Event Date: 19 Dec 2018 (Wednesday) - 19 Dec 2018 (Wednesday)

Kinesis Building, Seminar Room 3, Level 7

Time :02:00 - 03:30

Ellipsometry is analytical technique that determines properties of thin films by measuring changes of light polarisation reflected from the film.  It gains its sensitivity by measuring phase shift between components of polarisation rather than intensity.  Precision ellipsometry (PREL) uses polarisation modulator that makes it even more sensitive.  With polarisation modulator designed and made in IMRE, PREL system has sensitivity in the range of microradians.  This translates to sensitivity of 0.01 nm of organic layer on silicon.

In IMRE, PREL was used for quantitative real-time measurement of interactions, binding and unbinding of various molecules and multilayers, ranging from small molecules (amino-silane), polymers and polyelectrolytes to bio-molecules, proteins, antibodies and aptamers.  The results of these studies, findings and discoveries will be presented at the seminar. There will also be a ‘live’ demonstration on measuring molecular attachments using a portable PREL system.


List of speakers and topics

Speakers   Topics

Dr. Nikolai Yakovlev, IMRE

 50 years of Precision Ellipsometry, Innovations and Achievements in IMRE
 Lau Hooi Hong, IMRE Protein / Tannic Acid Multilayer Films: A Multifunctional Material for Microencapsulation of Food-derived Bioactives
 Brian Liau, Agilent Technologies  Imaging Precision Ellipsometry for Multiplexed Binding Analysis
 Kee Jin Wen, NJC  Molecular Sensor using Aptamers in Precision Ellipsometry

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