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Dr. WANG Shengqin

Scientist I


Polymer Composite (PMC) Department


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634

Research Details

  • Fiber/nanofiller reinforced polymer composites
  • High performance elastomers
  • Surface coatings

    • Thermoplastic and thermoset polymers processing
    • Polymer characterization
    • Design and synthesis of functional nanomaterials
    • Surface functionalization and microfluidics

  • 04/2013-Date Scientist I/Scientist II, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR, Singapore
  • 03/2012-03/2013 Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemistry, National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
  • 05/2010-12/2011 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • 10/2007-05/2010 Bayer Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA
  • Ph. D. (Polymer chemistry and physics), Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2007
  • B. Sc. (Chemistry), Wuhan University, China, 2002
  • Best Mentor Award, A-STAR Student Research Attachment Programme, 2014
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 2010/2011
  • Bayer Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Notre Dame, US, 2008/2009

Book chapter

             Shengqin Wang and Yingxi Zhu, “Dielectrophoresis Directed Nanocolloidal and Supramolecular Assembly”, in Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology (2nd Edition); Publisher: Springer; ISBN: 978-94-017-9779-5; 2016.  

Journal Papers

·         Shengqin Wang, Mohit Sharma and Yew Wei Leong, “Polyamide 11/Layered Silicate Nanocomposite Using Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Surfactants”, Adv. Mater. Res., 1110, 65-68, 2015.

·         Shengqin Wang, Zi-Xiang Lin, Wei-Han Wang, Chien Lin Kuo, Kuo Chu Hwang and Chien-Chong Hong, “Self-regenerating Photocatalytic Sensor Based on Dielectrophoretically Assembled TiO2 Nanowires for Chemical Vapor Sensing”, Sens. Actuator B-Chem., 194, 1-9, 2014.

·         Shengqin Wang, Benxin Jing and Yingxi Zhu, “Molecule Motion at Polymer Brush Interfaces from Single-Molecule Experimental Perspectives”, J. Polym. Sci. B: Polym. Phys., 52, 85-103, 2014.

·         Shengqin Wang and Yingxi Zhu, “Manipulating Single Annealed Polyelectrolyte under Alternating Current Electric Fields: Collapse versus Accumulation”, Biomicrofluidics, 6, 024116, 2012. Selected by Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, Vol. 25, Iss. 20, 2012.

·         Shengqin Wang, Benxin Jing and Yingxi Zhu, “Molecular Diffusion on Hard, Soft and Fluid Surfaces”, RSC Adv., 2, 3835-3843, 2012.

·         Shengqin Wang and Yingxi Zhu, “Conformation Transition and Electric Potential of Single Weak Polyelectrolyte: Molecular Weight”, Soft Matter, 7, 7410-7415, 2011.

·         Shengqin Wang, Hsueh-Chia Chang, and Yingxi Zhu, “Hysteretic Conformational Transition of Single Flexible Polyelectrolyte under Resonant AC Electric Polarization”, Macromolecules, 43, 4702-7405, 2010.

·         Shengqin Wang and Yingxi Zhu, “Molecular Diffusion on Surface Tethered Polymer Layers: Coupling of Molecular Thermal Fluctuation and Polymer Chain Dynamics”, Soft Matter, 6, 4661-4665, 2010.

·         Shengqin Wang and Yingxi Zhu, “Facile Method to Prepare Smooth and Homogeneous Polymer Brush Surfaces of Varied Brush Thickness and Grafting Density”, Langmuir, 25, 13448-13455, 2009.

·         Shengqin Wang, Steve Granick and Jiang Zhao, “Charge on a Weak Polyelectrolyte”, J. Chem. Phys., 129, 241102, 2008. Selected by Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, Vol. 19, Iss. 2, 2009.

·         Shengqin Wang and Jiang Zhao “First-order Conformation Transition of Single Poly(2-vinylpyridine) Molecules in Aqueous Solutions”, J. Chem. Phys., 126, 091104, 2007.

·        Shengqin Wang, Yew Wei Leong, Electroless Nickel Plating of Silicone Rubber”, Singapore Patent, 2016. 

·        Shengqin Wang, Yew Wei Leong, Mohit Sharma, Yongzheng Pan, “New Modified Nanoclay Materials and Nanocomposites Made Therefrom”, Singapore Patent, 2015.

·         Yongzheng Pan, Yew Wei Leong, Shengqin Wang, Dark-Colored and Near Infrared Reflective Coatings for Aluminium Substrates”, Singapore Patent, 2015.

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