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Dr. GOH Kia Liang Gregory (Adjunct @ NTU, MSE)

Deputy Executive Director/Principal Scientist II


Director's Office, IMRE staff with Adjunct Appointment in University/Industry


2 Fusionopolis Way. Innovis, #08-03, Singapore 138634.

Research Details

  • Glazings and thermchromic materials for Green buildings
  • Oxide films and nanostructures for superhydrophilicity, superhydrophobicity, solar control, photovoltaics, anti-bacterial, photo- and photoelectrochemical activity (e.g. TiO2, ZnO, SiO2, VO2, Cu2O, perovskites etc….)
  • Electrification of transportation – battery modelling and power electronics in EVs, aircrafts and marine vessels

  • Hydrothermal synthesis, chemical bath deposition, liquid phase deposition
  • Film growth, epitaxy
  • Functional inorganic coatings (self cleaning, electrochromic, anti-fogging etc)
    • Co-I, ‘Chemical Routes to Electrochromic Glass’, A*STAR-MND Green Building TSRP, 2013-2016
    • PI, ‘Smart Multifunctional Coatings for Fenestrations to Reduce Thermal Load of Buildings’, A*STAR-MND Green Building TSRP, 2012 to 2015
    • Co-PI, ‘Advanced functional materials of A-site substituted complex perovskite compounds’ A*STAR Public Sector Funding grant, 2006 to 2009


2017 – present   Director, Strategic Research Office, IMRE, A*STAR

2017 – present   Director (Special Projects), SERC, A*STAR

2001 – present    Principal Scientist II, IMRE, A*STAR

2005 – present    Adjunct Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, NTU

2016 – 2017        Head, Ceramic Materials Department, IMRE, A*STAR

2010                    Visiting Scientist, Materials department and International Center for Materials Research

                            UC Santa Barbara, USA

2007 – 2009        Head, Design & Growth Group, IMRE, A*STAR

2006 – 2010        Technical Advisor, Advanced Materials Technology, Pte Ltd

2003 – 2007        Deputy Cluster Manager, Materials Science and Characterisation, IMRE, A*STAR

Cert., Project Leadership, Management and Communications, ESI International, 2011

Cert., Management of Industrial R&D, National University of Singapore, 2005

Cert., Essential Managerial Skills, Singapore Instutitue of Management, 2003

Ph.D in Materials Science, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, 2001 (Advisor: Prof. Fred F. Lange)

M.Eng, National University of Singapore, 1995 (Advisor: Prof. L. C. Lim)

B.Eng (1st Class Hons), National University of Singapore, 1993


2017 – Present    Technical Secretary, Thin Films Society

20152017         Vice President, Thin Films Society

2013 – 2016         Programme Manager, 2nd A*STAR-MND Green Building Joint Programme

2012 - 2014         Joint Secretary, Materials Research Society, Singapore

2010 – Present    Editorial Board, Journal of Crystallization Physics and Chemistry, Serials Publications

2009 - 2015         Founding member, Executive Committee, Thin Films Society

2008 - Present     Associate Editor, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, ASP (USA)

2008  – 2010       Joint Treasurer, Materials Research Society, Singapore

2007 – 2008        Honorary Auditor, Materials Research Society, Singapore

2003 – Present    Member, Materials Research Society, Singapore

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80.          Ajay Kushwaha, Roozbeh S. Moakhar, Gregory K.L. Goh, Goutam K. Dalapati,  Morphologically tailored CuO photocathode using aqueous solution technique for enhanced visible light driven water splitting’, J. Photochem. Photobio. A- Chem., 337 (2017) 54-61.

79.          Roozbeh Siavash Moakhar, Gregory Kia Liang Goh, Abolghasem Dolati, Mohammad Ghorbani, ‘Sunlight-Driven Photoelectrochemical Sensor for Direct Determination of Hexavalent Chromium Based on Au decorated Rutile TiO2 Nanorods’, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 201 (2017) 411.


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SG, Japan and US patents filed and granted on low emissivity ZnO films and transparent superhydrophilic oxide films

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