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“I was appointed to lead the LEAN committee in my company, Craftmark. Equipped with the various LEAN techniques, the committee came together. The committee brainstormed and implemented 14 projects to streamline and improve the company’s operations. To date, the committee has completed 9 of these projects, one of which I have worked closely with the Sales team to digitise the payroll process. This particular project has helped the HR Department to reduce the payroll processing time by 63%.”

Ms Liang Sophen
Human Resource Manager
The Craftmark Group
Please visit here to view Ms Liang's video on YouTube.

“Craftmark believes in continuous learning and improvement, and have always encouraged our staff to do so. We selected and sent some of our staff to attend SIMTech’s LEAN course to enhance on their personal and professional growth.

As Ms Liang has recently joined the company, we appointed her to lead Craftmark’s LEAN committee as an opportunity for her to network and learn more about the company through interacting with her peers from other departments. Ms Liang has proved herself to be an effective leader. She guided her fellow LEAN team members to apply the techniques they have picked up in the course in Craftmark.

We are glad that she has also motivated her peers to embark on their individual improvement projects and would like to thank SIMTech for guiding the committee in Craftmark’s continuous improvement journey.”

Mrs Tan Ee Leng
Managing Director
The Craftmark Group

“I signed up for this course to pick up new methods in assessing my company’s, Carlton Hotel Singapore, need in managing energy usage and determining the correct load profile for the upcoming chillers’ replacement work. Through this course, I learnt how to perform more accurate data collection and analysis for Carlton’s existing chillers’ operation, load profile and each chiller’s efficiency. I also learnt how to make use of SIMTech’s E²MAS and SIMProg software to calculate the refrigerant tonnage required to cool the hotel in an efficient manner.

With this skill, I can forecast cooling loads based on past hotel occupancies and activities to optimise the chillers’ operation, reducing energy wastage and lowering the maintenance costs. I have started to optimise the chillers’ operation by switching off some chillers at night and the average savings per day is about 5%, which is equivalent to approximately $36,000/annum based on a tariff of $0.15/kWh.”

1st Runner-up:
Mr Tham Weng Fatt, Joseph
Director of Engineering
Carlton Hotel Singapore
Please visit here to view Mr Tham's video on YouTube.

“The data mining course by SIMTech is very relevant to what I am doing at HPE and I am able to apply what I have learnt in my class to overcome the challenges I face at work. Sometimes, we have customers that request us to expedite their orders and ask us to provide the earliest ship-out date from the factory. One of the main challenges to estimate the ship-out date is the hardware function testing time which varies with the configuration that the customer has ordered. So we need a tool that can help us to predict the function testing time faster with high accuracy.

Through applying what I have learnt during the course, my colleagues and I, with guidance from SIMTech’s Mentor, were able to build a predictive model to predict the testing time based on the customer’s configuration. By using the data mining methods, we are now able to predict the function testing time needed faster with high accuracy of more than 90%. This helped the company to provide a more accurate commitment date to the customer. The company’s management is impressed by the work that we have done and is intending to send my colleagues to attend the same data mining course that I have attended.”

2nd Runner-up:
Mr Ng Tiong Chye
Manufacturing Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Singapore Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Mr Ng's video on YouTube.

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  “OMNI Programme has given us a good structural framework and foundation which enables us to fulfil our Enterprise Lean Thinking Cultural Transformation journey, via the two key pillars of People and Process Development.

With the focus on leadership and lean culture development, we are able to incorporate OmniMethodology™ into different areas within the company for various productivity enhancements. We have completed 23 initiatives and have significantly shortened our retrieval of process information from 8 to 2 hours. Overall, we have optimised our limited resources and achieved man-hour savings, ranging from $600 to $2000 for every initiative that we have implemented thus far.

I am glad to be given the opportunity to participate in this OMNI Programme and learn from the experienced industry trainers from SIMTech. It is certainly an eye opener for me to be exposed to the many best practices of the industry. I believe that together with A & One Leadership’s team, we can further contribute to the business growth of our company.”

Miss Lim Sock Siang
A & One Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Miss Lim's video on YouTube.

“There are always many challenges and changes around us, especially the global competition within the industry. In order to stay competitive, we have to respond to these changes and not only invest on the hardware but also on our people. The OMNI Programme was introduced to me and I realise that this programme is exactly what I need for my team. This programme not only trained us on general tools and techniques, it focuses very much on the people aspect as well. It is indeed a good starting kit for our company’s lean thinking cultural transformation.”

Mr Lim Yong Kang
Managing Director
A & One Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view A & One Precision Engineering Pte Ltd's video on YouTube.

“Initially, I was quite hesitant to take on a full Graduate Diploma in Precision Measurements and Characterisation. But after attending the first module, I was keen to complete the course as it has provided me with the essential knowledge and practical skills in optics, precision measurements, automatic inspection and material characterisation. I have applied what I have learnt to establish new capabilities in my company by using laser interferometer for precision machine calibration. This has broadened my company’s capabilities and increased its competitiveness. And I was able to convince my wife to do this course with me and today we are both graduating together!”

1st Runner-up:
Mr Teu Cihua
Senior Technical Officer
Setsco Services Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Mr Teu's video on YouTube.

“The OMNI Programme has taught me how to make use of OmniMethodology™ and the Learn-Practise-Implement model to identify areas for improvement and implementation methods, tools and technologies to improve operations and productivity. By using the techniques taught during the course, we have identified and implemented 15 productivity initiatives to reduce inventory costs, increase sales, achieve space savings and improve labour productivity. One productivity initiative that we have rolled out under the OMNI Programme is the Design and Implement Packing Monitoring System initiative. It has helped us improve packing time by more than 10 per cent. I am appreciative of the guidance and support given by the course leaders who have helped my team roll out the productivity improvement plans for my company.”

2nd Runner-up:
Mr Ng Yok Soem
General Manager (Trade, Operations and Treasury)
Kian Ann Districentre Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Mr Ng's video on YouTube.

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“The PE WSQ OMNI programme has helped me initiate steps to improve the Galley Manufacturing Process and increase output by 33%. I managed to reduce the ‘Order-to-Delivery’ process by 41% through business process re-engineering . Applying the techniques taught in the programme has helped my company reduce the cost-of-poor-quality (COPQ) of incoming parts by up to 96% from our subcontractors. The positive experience has inspired me to continue my learning journey with SIMTech. I encourage others to do the same.”

Mr Anthony Soon Beng Hock
Manager, Materials Planning
JAMCO SIngapore Pte Ltd

“After attending the PE WSQ LEAN Programme at SIMTech, I decided to implement a number of Kaizen ideas that were taught to my actual work processes. A seemingly simple decision to produce our films in-house has already seen a 20% improvement in our lead time and almost $60K savings per year. Earlier, I used to hear criticism that “Lean was not for the creative industry” but now, together with my company and SIMTech’s LEAN mentors, we have proved them wrong!”

1st Runner-up:
Miss Wincey Woon Shi Moi
Design Manager
Axxel Marketing

“I am grateful to the SIMTech mentors of the PE WSQ Programme in OEE who have helped me push for productivity improvements that have benefitted my company. By implementing a number of initiatives taught in the course, we have reduced machine down time and electrode set-up time by 26%. The set-up work piece time has also been reduced by 33%.“

2nd Runner-up:
Mr Ong Eng Seng
Senior Tooling Manager
Univac Precision Engineering Pte Ltd

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  "The Graduate Diploma in Precision Measurements and Characterisation has helped shorten my response time to customer queries, with a 10% increase in the rate of job completion."

Ms Miko Ong
Customer Service Officer
Optcal Gauging Singapore

  "I am impressed by the quality of the PE WSQ Graduate Diploma Programme which focuses on equipping us with practical industry skills and up-to-date knowledge on regulatory and quality issues which are important in this highly-regulated industry."

Ms Lee Siow Wei
Becton Dickinson Medical Singapore Pte Ltd

  "The PE Graduate Diploma in MedTech Manufacturing was the turning point of my career. It equipped me with skills to make inroads into the industry and carve a niche for myself!"

Mr Leslie Tan
Managing Director
Royal Busan Singapore Pte Ltd

  "Thanks to the case-studies and projects taught in the Operations MaNagement Innovation (OMNI) Programme, I am able to manage my operations more efficiently. My bosses are happy with my enhanced contributions."

Mr Kwan Li Feng

Sales Manager
CKE Manufacturing Pte Ltd

"It was a fruitful journey during the Process Technology WSQ Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Manufacturing and Precision Engineering Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics. It was not a bed of roses throughout the learning journey but the rigorous journey helps to reinforce strong mechatronics engineering and environmental sustainability fundamental for my (part-time) Bachelor of Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety course with The University of Newcastle, Australia (Singapore campus). In addition, whatever was learned during these two programme broaden my perspective and greater appreciation on functional safety & engineering product design fundamental for everyday life, work and play."

Mr Tang Shi-Ming, Royston

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“I personally believe in Life Long Learning and hence I strongly support SIMTech’s WSQ Courses. We have sent our staff for LEAN and OMNI courses while I have attained the full graduate diploma on Advanced Welding Technologies. Through this course, I also learnt more about SIMTech and its initiatives which I find are highly applicable to improving our company’s business and product offerings.

Since then, I have worked together with SIMTech to establish my company’s roadmap, and have enrolled my company to take part in a collaborative industry project with SIMTech. Through this project, we will be installing a welding machine while 2 of our staff will be trained in using the new equipment to perform Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding of aluminum plates. This project will build my company’s welding capability to further enhance our aluminium product offerings.

I am glad that I have joined the course which has convinced me to embark on this transformative journey for my company.”

Mr Yeh Bao Say
Managing Director
Vento Systems Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Vento Systems Pte Ltd's video.

“We enrolled 16 staff from different departments in SIMTech’s Implement LEAN Manufacturing programme. As a result of this programme, we have set up a LEAN committee in the company. This committee has initiated 34 projects which aimed to streamline and improve operational procedures. We have completed 16 projects and have experienced significant positive outcomes across the different functions. The committee standardised the company’s hardness test report format. This has improved accuracy of the reports by 100%. The committee also implemented web-app data consolidation which reduced staff’s vendor search time significantly.”

Mr Jackie Lau
Managing Director
Seng Heng Engineering Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Seng Heng Engineering Pte Ltd's video on YouTube.

“Pirtek delivers to our customers high quality hydraulic solutions conforming to international standards, and speed consistently. The OMNI programme suited us well, as it allows us to have a consistent message throughout the company with high visibility. The OMNI Programme has trained 13 Pirtek staff, from the management team, technical teams, and the sales and admin staff across different departments. Thereafter, they became our productivity champions of OMNI for Pirtek.

Since I joined the programme, these productivity champions have implemented 17 of the 28 initiatives, to improve the operational procedures in their respective units. Initiatives are implemented and tracked through visual boards that are displayed prominently throughout the company to ensure high awareness of the employees. The productivity champions have also encouraged their peers to come up with improvement initiatives.

Pirtek has experienced significant productivity gains from these initiatives. For example, our mobile van service order lead time and production processes’ lead time have been reduced by 50%. Convinced by the success of the OMNI Programme, we have approached SIMTech and adopted its Inventory Management System, achieving a reduction of 60% in our inventory purchases.”

Mr Pek Yew-Chai
Pirtek Asia Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Pirtek Asia Pte Ltd's video on YouTube.

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“6 sigma methodology has always been the platform for our TOSHIBA WAY of Management Innovation. In April 2015, we were introduced to SIMTech OMNI Programme by chance. Immediately, we saw the potential to create new breakthrough for our INNOVATION INITIATIVES. SIMTech was invited to TOSHIBA for Top Management presentation on OMNI Programme. 14 Managers from the Operation Management and Support functions were appointed to participate in this 2015 corporate OMNI Programme to become Productivity Champions.

Productivity Champions who acquired the skills and knowledge are able to create new Visualised System for better management and aggressive KPIs. Its effectiveness for productivity and efficiency improvements are realised through a new holistic approach with cross functional collaborations. With the guidance from the Course Leaders, 15 productivity initiatives were identified and implemented. We achieved productivity gains by reducing production loss time by 83 per cent, day of inventory by 34 per cent, storage space by 24 per cent and increased labour efficiency by 12 per cent.”

Mr Tetsu Oda
President & CEO
Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte Ltd

Please visit here to view Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte Ltd's video on YouTube.

“We have benefitted from the systematic approach of establishing the OEE objectives, OEE assessment baseline and factory OEE KPI (target), which help pinpoint the OEE losses and performance root cause analysis, and identify the opportunities for OEE and productivity improvement.

A total of 14 trainees from Molex have attended SIMTech’s OEE programme. With the initiatives implemented, an overall OEE improvement of 30-60 per cent was achieved. A further step was also taken to drive it across the shopfloor for further productivity improvements. It offered us holistic approach to identify issues in the domains under Availability, Performance and Quality. Using the OEE information, the trainees also learnt that data accuracy was important to generate the right initiatives which allowed them to analyse the ROI and decide on the feasibility for implementation. The OEE training is of great help to our trainees as it is in line with Molex’s goal for continuous improvement.”

Mr Eddie Lee
Principal Engineer
Molex Singapore Pte Ltd
Please visit here to view Molex Singapore Pte Ltd's video on YouTube.

“16 MegaChem staff, across all departments, attended the WSQ Lean Programme conducted by SIMTech last year. Even before completing the programme, the team had made use of the tools and knowledge acquired from the programme to generate more than 30 Kaizen projects to improve our productivity and capabilities. On top of reaping substantial cost savings, the Lean implementation in our company has proved to be effective in improving employees’ morale and engagement. Today, Lean has become a working culture in Megachem. People are adapting to the Lean approach and they have started to analyse problems in a more systematic way. The programme has been very beneficial for us and I strongly encourage other companies to leverage on this programme for productivity improvements.”

Mr Chan Khai Leong
Group General Manager
MegaChem Limited
Please visit here to view MegaChem Limited's video on YouTube.

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“Huationg Holdings sent a total of 15 candidates for a corporate batch of the PE WSQ OMNI Programme in 2014 from: Huationg (Asia) Pte Ltd, Huationg Inland Transport Service Pte Ltd, and Hua Resources Pte Ltd. Together with the mentors, our staff involved in the course identified a total of 20 productivity initiatives that were subsequently implemented by the team. By doing so, we achieve productivity improvements to about 30%.”

Mr Jimmy Chua
Huationg Holdings Pte Ltd

“This year, we have Kulicke & Soffa employees graduating from SIMTech’s Carbon, OMNI, Metal Manufacturing, and Mechatronics courses and we are very proud of each of their achievements. A case in point is the PE WSQ Carbon Programme that aligns with our own Sustainability Steering Committee that looks to develop in-house sustainability champions within our company. Through this programme, our company has identified hotspots for improvement, with the potential to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% and significantly increase cost savings per year.”

Mr Shai Soloveizik
VP Equipment Manufacturing/GM Singapore
Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

“We had sent our managers, supervisors and engineers to attend the PE WSQ Programme in Implement Lean Manufacturing in 2014 and 2015 at SIMTech. We have had good responses from our colleagues by implementing what was taught in the course. A total of more than 50 projects were received to date. A significant number of these have been implemented. Our productivity has increased and the man-hours in some processes have also reduced significantly. The programme is beneficial to us. I am sure other companies will benefit too if they embark on this programme. “

Mr Vincent Tan
Managing Director
MTQ Engineering Pte Ltd

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