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This programme is offered under the Advanced Manufacturing Series.

Maximised the machine overall effectiveness is a goal for resource owners. Currently, their machines are often not fully utilized even with 24x7 operations. They cannot figure out how much is the shortfall, where and how it is happening.

With data coming from machines in real-time in an Industry 4.0 environment, it could measure how machines are actually utilized. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key machine performance metric to identify hidden capacities and improve manufacturing productivity. The three key OEE factors include availability, performance, and quality. By analysing its OEE losses including machine breakdown, machine slow-down, and scrap parts, a manufacturing company can optimise the OEE of their existing equipment. 

This programme is part of the training portfolio offered under the Manufacturing Control Tower™ (MCT™) Programme. Click here to vist SIMTech's MCT™ website.

About the Real-time OEE Programme

This programme aims at providing participants with practical and systematic training in applying real-time OEE to achieve high machine productivity. It is designed specifically to meet local industry needs. The course is highly practical and intensive, and will be taught by expert trainers in the field with industrial experience. It provides up-to-date technology and latest knowledge on OEE. Case studies highlight the industrial applications will also be shared with the participants during the training sessions. Seventy per-cent (70%) of the course is conducted by on-site mentoring.

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The programme is suitable for those who are currently employed or wish to be employed in the manufacturing related fields.

The programme consists of 12 learning units in 2 stages.

Instructional Units (Learning Units) are sequenced-based on the levels of understanding of the fundamentals and skills. It means that ascending order of Learning Units to complete the programme should not be changed since each Learning Unit is the pre-requisite for the next Learning Unit.

Integration of Stages

Real industrial case will be conducted through Stage 2 after fundamental knowledge learning through Stage 1. The basic concept of OEE fundamental techniques learned from the Stage 1 will be applied to Stage 2 through on-site project with company’s real machines. Participants will gain and master the knowledge and skills pertaining to OEE by applying OEE technologies in a holistic / integrated manner.

Dr Zhou Junhong is a Principal Research Engineer with SIMTech and also the OEE Initiative Lead for SIMTech’s MPTC center. She received her PhD in mechanical and aerospace from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has over 20 years of research and industrial experience in factory automation, operation excellence, artificial intelligence, equipment condition monitoring, and intelligent condition-based maintenance.

Mr Huang Huat Hing is a Consultant with SIMTech’s MPTC center, He has over 20 years of research and industrial experience in factory automation, operation excellence. He is also the course conductor for productivity improvement.

Ms Wang Yu is a Senior Engineer with SIMTech. She has more than 5 years’ expert knowledge in software programming. She will teach about OEE monitoring system implementation.

Mr Chua Yong Quan is an Engineer with SIMTech with more than 5 years’ industrial experience in machine connectivity, PLC and Human machine interface programming. His training expertise are on areas of machine connectivity and OEE data collection.


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  • Applicants should possess a degree in any discipline or a diploma with a minimum of 3 years of related working experience.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English

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    Programme in Real-time OEE for Industry 4.0

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      For an immersive learning experience, the training venue is at Model Factory@SIMTech.

      Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
      6 Fusionopolis Way, Synthesis, #01-06,
      Singapore 138636

      Synthesis building is located behind Innovis Building at Fusionopolis Two.

      How to Reach SIMTech@Fusionopolis Two
      Visitor Parking at Fusionopolis Two

      The A*STAR Model Factory initative allows companies to experience advanced manufacturing technologies firsthand in a learning environment, as well as collaborate with stakeholders to test-bed and jointly develop innovation solutions. The initiative will also be key to upgrading our manufacturing our manufacturing workforce’s skills so that they are compatible with the latest Industrie 4.0 technologies. Model Factory@SIMTech aims to achieve these objectives through its key feature - the pilot-scale production line.

      This programme is associated with the below SIMTech centre. Click on the image to visit its website.

      SIMTech Manufacturing Control Tower™ (MCT™) aims to provide an accurate overview of the manufacturing domains of shopfloor, enterprise and supply chain of a business by receiving, consolidating and analysing the right information in real-time to effect well-informed decision-making in a Sense and Response manufacturing environment.

      MCT™ is a suite of solutions built on SIMTech’s research capabilities to assist companies in keeping at the forefront of technology through the integration of information and decision-making across the manufacturing value chain.

      Visit SIMTech MCT™ website by clicking here.


      Programme in Real-time OEE for Industry 4.0

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      Real-time OEE for Industry 4.0


      30 Sep 2019 - 18 Nov 2019

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      Only attendees will receive the email link to access the photo album from GC2019.


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      2 Sep: Programme in Energy Efficiency Management | Improve Manufacturing Productivity through Energy Usage Pattern Monitoring and Analysis

      2 Sep: Programme in Implement Manufacturing Data Mining Techniques | Implement Manufacturing Data Mining Techniques

      3 Sep:[EVENT] Achieving more with LEAN and Industry 4.0

      3 Sep: Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics | Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

      5 Sep: [EVENT] SIMTech-SSG Graduation Ceremony 2019 (Invitations & event details will be sent directly to 2018-2019 Course Graduates!)

      5 Sep: Programme in Improve Machining Productivity through Dynamics Analysis and Simulation | Improve Machining Productivity through Dynamics Analysis and Simulation

      9 Sep: Programme in Integrated Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology (i-CARE) | Apply Integrated Carbon Footprint Assessment Methodology
      10 Sep: Graduate Diploma in Advanced Welding Technologies | Evaluate Advanced Metal Welding Processes

      10 Sep: Programme in Polymer Manufacturing Processes | Review Fundamentals of Polymers and Polymer Composites

      13 Sep: [EVENT] Breakfast Talk on Strategy and Techniques of Inventory Management in Industry4.0 Working Environment

      16 Sep: Master Class in Strategic Planning for Operational Excellence: Mastering Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Process to Align Strategies for Operational Excellence

      16 Sep: Programme in Microfluidics Technology | Understand the Microfluidics Manufacturing Processes
      17 Sep:
      Master Class in Digital Transformation: Greater Benefits when LEAN meets I4.0

      17 Sep:
      Graduate Diploma in Additive Manufacturing | Smart Additive Manufacturing System

      24 Sep:
      [EVENT] CEO Breakfast Talk on Creating a Kaizen Culture to Transform Your Business Operations and Enhance Your Business Values

      24 Sep:
      Programme in STORM | Review Processes for Strategic Techology & Roadmapping

      24 Sep:
      Programme in Corrosion Protection | Apply Advanced Coating Technologies for Corrosion and Wear Prevention
      30 Sep: Programme in Real-time OEE for Industry 4.0 | Real-time OEE for Industry 4.0

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