11 Oct 2011   |   9.00 am to 5.00 pm,   Theatrette, Level 1, TÜV SÜD PSB Building, 1 Science Park Drive

9th APMP/TCQM Gas Analysis Working Group – Gas Metrology in Environmental Protection Workshop

About 43 local and overseas participants from the national metrology institutes (NMIs) in the Asia Pacific region, gas industries, accredited laboratories and government agency participated in a two-day workshop-cum-exhibition organised by NMC from 11 to 12 Oct. The workshop was organised under the Technical Committee for Amount of Substance (TCQM) of the Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP). APMP is a specialist regional body that facilitates international recognition for NMIs of Asia Pacific economies, and promotes technical collaborations among the members in the field of metrology.

A total of 17 oral presentations and 9 posters were presented and discussed at the workshop, covering recent developments in gas measurement technologies relating to pollution control; monitoring of ambient and indoor air quality; measurement of vehicle exhausts; and key challenges in the preparations of existing and new gas Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). This Workshop covers a wide range of topics on the production and analysis of various environmental gas standards and mixtures. Methods to ensure accurate, reliable and internationally comparable gas analysis will also be discussed. Invited speakers at the Workshop include scientists specialising in gas preparation and analysis at national metrology institutes, as well as industry practitioners who have vast experience in gas measurement in the field. The Workshop therefore provides an excellent opportunity for participants to keep abreast of, and exchange information on, latest developments in the gas measurement technologies for environmental protection.

Participants at the 9th APMP/TCQM Workshop – Gas Metrology in Environmental Protection

In response to growing worldwide concern about climate change, environmental pollutions, and generally quality of life issues, gas measurement capabilities are being developed rapidly in industrialised and industrialising countries over the last the decade. NMC has established capabilities for the production and analysis of gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), etc, and calibration of instruments for measuring ground level ozone (O3).

Workshop participants viewing the Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy for purity analysis of H2O and O2 in pure gases at NMC Gas Metrology Lab


Oct 11 (Tues) Opening and Oral Sessions

9:00 am


9:30 am

Welcome address from Executive Director of NMC
By Dr Lee Loke Chong, National Metrology Centre,A*STAR, Singapore

9:40 am

By Dr Kenji Kato, National Metrology Institute of Japan, Japan

9:50 am

The development of gas metrology facility in Singapore [Download material]
By Dr Teo Chin Chye, National Metrology Centre,A*STAR, Singapore

10:20 am

Recent development of reference gases in NMIJ [Download material]
By Dr Kenji Kato, National Metrology Institute of Japan, Japan

10:50 am

Morning tea break and exhibition (at B1 Foyer)

11:20 am

Certification of primary reference gas mixtures of SiFin Nitrogen [Download material]
By Dr Jin Seog Kim, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Republic of Korea

11:50 am

Determine Particulate Matter on Filters [Download material]
By Felix Mathis, Mettler-Toledo (S) Pte Ltd

12:20 pm

Environmental protection, analysis of permanent gases & knowledge sharing [Download material]
By Mohammad Fauzi Ahmad, National Metrology Laboratory, SIRIM Berhad, Malaysia

12:50 pm

Lunch (at Level 2 Da Vinci Room) and exhibition (at B1 Foyer)

14:00 pm

Ultimate solution to carrier gases in analysis [Download material]
By Chin Kwee Yuen, Air Products

14:30 pm

Quality control of the preparation of 1 μmol/mol Gas Reference Materials for micro-oxygen in nitrogen [Download material]
By Pan Yi, National Institute of Measurement & Testing Technology, China

15:00 pm

Tiger Optics Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzers – Commercial instruments for gas metrology and environmental applications [Download material]
By Dr Graham Leggett, Environment Division, Tiger Optics LLC

15:30 pm

The calibration service of trace moisture analyzers by CERI [Download material]
By Junji Azuma, Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan

16:00 pm

Afternoon tea break, lab tour and exhibition (at B1 Foyer)

17:00 pm

End of Session


Oct 12 (Wed) Oral and Poster Sessions

9:00 am


9:10 am

Evaluation of F-GHGs emission for electronics manufacturing in Taiwan [Download material]
By Dr Tsai-Yin Lin, Center for Measurement Standards Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

9:40 am

Production of CRM for monitoring air quality in Thailand [Download material]
By Ratirat Sinweeruthai, National Institute of Metrology (Thailand), Thailand

10:10 am

Photo session (outside B1 Foyer)
Morning tea break and poster session (at B1 Foyer)

11:30 am

Accurate measurement of reference gas mixtures [Download material]
By Felix Mathis, Mettler-Toledo (S) Pte Ltd

12:30 pm

Gas Chromatographic analysis of carbon analysis in greenhouse gases [Download material]
By Dr Ruby Ong, Agilent Technologies, Singapore

13:00 pm

Lunch (at Level 2 Da Vinci Room) and exhibition (at B1 Foyer)

14:00 pm

Influence of atmospheric humidity on gravimetric preparation of reference gas mixtures [Download material]
By Dr Hai Wu, National Institute of Metrology, China

14:30 pm

Enhancing the stability of low concentration calibration standards: H2S, HCl, H2CO [Download material]
By Jun Sonobe, Air Liquide Laboratories, Japan

15:00 pm

Monitoring greenhouse gases from tropical grassland and peat forest sites in Southeast Asia [Download material]
By Dr Kai Fuming Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, Singapore

15:30 pm

Summary and Next meeting
By Dr Kenji Kato, National Metrology Institute of Japan, Japan

15:45 pm

Afternoon tea break, exhibition and poster session (at B1 Foyer)

17:00 pm

End of Session

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