Products & Solution

NMC has designed and developed the following productivity tools to enhance the productivity and efficiency for companies.

Dead Weight Pressure Testing System (Calsoft)
Calsoft automates the process of calibrating electronic or mechanical pressure measuring instruments. By considering all parameters affecting the accuracy and uncertainty of the calibration, Calsoft reduces the tedious and complex calculations process.

Automated Weighing System

Designed for fast, efficient and high accuracy mass measurement with efficient space utilization, the system is capable of calibrating high accuracy mass standards up to OIML Class E1 or equivalent with the use of commercially available platform mass comparators.  

Multi-Channel Humidity Chamber Calibration System

Compact, portable, multi-channel and durable, the system uses a single psychrometer for the calibration of humidity chambers. The system is also cost effective with multi-point mapping and increases reliability by eliminating the need for capacitive probes.  

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