Video Conference Room

Video conference room

The video conference room can accommodate 38 people. The room is fully equipped with an oval conference table, chairs, writing panels and video conferencing equipment.

Call charges may apply.

There will be additional charges for AV Services, Cleaning Services and Extension of Aircon at Foyerspace area if your booking is after-office hours and/or during overnight/weekends.

Please email us at directly for details and we will advise accordingly.


Below shows the rental rates* for Video conference room:
*Rates exclude Administrative fee of $100 and GST 7%

Operational Hours RateVideo Conference Room
Office Hours (8.30am to 5.30pm) Hourly $150.00
Half-day (4 Hour Block) $570.00
Full-day (8 Hour Block) $1,000.00
After Office Hours (5.30pm to 10.00pm) Hourly$220.00 
Full Duration (4 Hour Block) $850.00 
Overnight (10.00pm to 8.30am) & WeekendsHourly$300.00
Half-day (4 Hour Block)
Full-day (8 Hour Block)
Public HolidayClosed