A*STAR's Personal Data Protection Brief

The A*STAR Personal Data Protection Brief sets out how the A*STAR GROUP (including the Research Institutes, centres, networks, consortia, subsidiaries and other units) collect, use or disclose Personal Data in compliance to the POPA.

Consent, Purpose and Notification

A*STAR GROUP/ENTITY will notify individuals of the purposes for which their Personal Data is collected, used or disclosed by the A*STAR GROUP/ ENTITY and ensure that the individuals' consent have been obtained for such purposes.

Access and Correction

Individuals can make a written request to gain access, correct their Personal Data or withdraw consent to the processing of their Personal Data.


A*STAR GROUP/ENTITY will take reasonable efforts to ensures that Personal Data collected by or on behalf of the A*STAR GROUP/ ENTITY is accurate and complete.


Reasonable security arrangements will be put in place to protect Personal Data in the A*STAR GROUP's/ENTITY's possession or control from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modifying, disposal or such similar risks.


Personal Data will be retained for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it is collected or for business or legal purposes, or in accordance with applicable laws.

Transfer Limitation

A*STAR GROUP/ENTITY will put in place agreements to regulate third party service providers outside Singapore to process Personal Data from A*STAR GROUP/ENTITY for administrative, business and/or legal purposes.

Queries in relation to A*STAR Personal Data Protection practices should be directed to our DPO at .