SIMTech - Delta Industrial Forum 2012

Date: 23 Mar 2012 - 23 Mar 2012

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

The SIMTech-Delta Industrial Forum serves as an excellent platform for engineers, architects and plant owners to exchange ideas and be kept abreast of the current developments in the industries with special focus on the applications of green technology, energy and resource sustainability. Designed to contribute towards continuing professional development programme for engineers and architects, this forum assembles a panel of industry professionals, relevant Government agencies and academia to share their wealth of knowledge, technical knowhow, best practices and insights.

Participants will gain a better understanding of pertinent issues facing the industry. Key topics include green buildings and future sustainability, developing clean energy industry in Singapore, energy with emissions close to zero. The forum will also feature current research work in Singapore, including nano technology for self-cleaning and anti-microbial coating and clear glass insulation coating, carbon footprint as a measure and tool for green building, savings in manufacturing plants, energy monitoring for energy-efficient manufacturing. There will also be a tour of SIMTech laboratories at the end of the industrial forum for interested participants.

This event is jointly organised by SIMTech, PJI Contract Pte Ltd and Delta Intercontinental Pte Ltd with support from the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES), Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore (AEIS), Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) and the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA).

Members of the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) will be awarded 4 CPD credit points under the BOA-SIA CPD Programme.
Registered Professional Engineers will be awarded 5 PDUs under the PEB CPD Programme.

 9.30am        Registration
10.00am       Welcome Address by Dr Lim Ser Yong, SIMTech Executive Director
Segment 1   Applications of Green Technology
10.20am       Green Technology as Applied in Buildings (Sharing by Plant owner)  
10.50am       Green Buildings and Future Sustainability, The Singapore Way (Ms Yew Wey Ling, Technology Development Division, BCA) 
11.20am       Nano Technology for Self-cleaning & Anti-microbial Coating and Clear Glass Insulation Coating (Dr Sandor Nemeth, SIMTech)
11.50am       Carbon Footprint as a Measure and Tools for Green Building and Technologies (Dr Patrick Shi, SIMTech)
12.20pm       Lunch
Segment 2   Energy and Resource Sustainability 
  1.15pm       ISOTHERM PWR - Flameless Pressurised Oxy-combustion Technology - Energy with Emissions Close to Zero
                    (Dr Gianfranco Figini, Managing Director, ITRO Pte Ltd)
  1.45pm       Developing the Clean Energy Industry in Singapore (Mr Lim Chuen Ming, Head Cleantech, EDB)
  2.15pm       Savings in Manufacturing Plants: Useful Material Recovery from Waste Effluents (Dr Huang Zhaohong, SIMTech Scientist)
  2.45pm       Energy Monitoring for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing (Dr Ian Chan, SIMTech Scientist) 
  3.15pm       SIMTech Lab Tour (Optional)
  4.30pm       End

The organiser reserves the right to make any amendments that it deems to be in the interest of the event.

About the Speakers/Synopses
Ms Yew Wey Ling has been practicing as a Town Planner for more than 13 years in various Government agencies and key local developer. She has had a wide range of experiences through her roles in driving the strategic and physical development of townships under her purview, both locally and overseas. Her current interest is in the development of sustainable districts and green buildings both in Singapore as well as exporting BCA’s Green Mark Scheme to other like-minded developers and key stakeholders regionally.

Synopsis: Green Buildings and Future Sustainability, The Singapore Way
The presentation will provide an overview of Singapore’s Green Building Master Plan and BCA’s efforts in the environment sustainability in the built environment through the various Green Mark Schemes. There will also be brief sharing of good green building design practices for the tropics and discussion on the value of green buildings.

Dr Sandor Nemeth has a strong background in Chemistry. He earned his PhD at Syracuse University, NY, USA. Served in Texaco R&D Department, Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc. and Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA, USA. For the past 15 years, Dr. Sandor held senior technical position in Singapore Productivity and Standard Board, A*STAR-SIMTech and is currently seconded to Delta Intercontinental Pte Ltd as their Chief Technology Officer.

Synopsis: Nano Technology for Self-Cleaning & Anti-microbial Coating and Clear Glass Insulation Coating
Technological developments can significantly enhance the choices for materials for reduction in energy and resource use in building maintenance. The talk will cover two technologies that are already commercialised and ready for use. Main focus will be on self-cleaning coating that can be applied on building surfaces with the benefit of maintaining the surface in a clean state for extended periods. The action of nanoparticles used in the product will be explained and alternative uses will be highlighted for the control of harmful bacteria, moulds and algae. The second technology is a coating for glass that can be applied after installation to reduce the entry of infrared light through windows, thus reducing thermal loads and air-conditioning costs.

Dr Patrick Shi was conferred Bachelor and PhD in Mechanical Engineering by University of Glasgow in 2001 and 2006 respectively. Currently a Research Scientist with A*STAR-SIMTech in the area of sustainability assessment, Dr Shi has conducted carbon footprint assessments for significant players in various industrial sectors.  

Synopsis: Carbon Footprint as a Measure and Tool for Green Building and Technologies
In the Building & Construction sector, the push for going sustainability is on the rise. Without a proper quantification methodology and solely using recycle materials do not enumerate a product as ‘green’. Numerous ways are also developed to assess the environmental impact within this sector. One of which gain prominence is the Carbon Footprint Assessment. The assessment quantifies the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in a life cycle perspective. This method can be used as a tool to help to identify high emission areas (hot spots) which give the user a better understanding where should the focus be when comes to emission reduction.


Dr Gianfranco Figini is the Managing Director of ITRO Ltd. He received his PhD in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Milan in 1959. For the past 50 years, Dr Figini has held senior management positions in different business functions with MNCs like Exxon Chemical Europe, Montedison and EniMont. During his time as President and CEO of EniMont Americas, Dr Figini was Chairman of the First EU Chamber of Commerce in USA. Since 1994, Dr Figini was the Senior Advisor to companies like Ashland Oil and Chemicals (USA), Cossa Polimeri Srl and ITEA S.p.A.

Synopsis: ISOTHERM PWR - Flameless Pressurised Oxy-combustion Technology. Energy with emissions close to zero
ISOTHERM / process is a unique patented technology/process at emissions near zero from the pressurised flameless oxycombustion of brown / fuels. (Poor combustibles such as hazardous industrial residues, biomass, lignite’s, etc.). This process offers unique advantages to petrochemical, pharma, fine chemical, refining industrial segment facing increasing issues with the hazardous residues. It also represents a unique approach to power from coal at emissions near zero and carbon oxide total sequestration.

Mr Lim Chuen Ming was awarded the Glaxo-EDB Scholarship by the Singapore government for university studies in the UK and USA. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture at the University of Glasgow (UK) and a Master’s degree in Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Mr Lim began his career in EDB in 1998 as a Senior Officer in the Transport Engineering Group. He was responsible for promoting the development of the marine industry in Singapore. He was subsequently responsible for promoting investments in Precision Engineering, Textile & Apparel and nurturing the formation of an Industrial Design cluster. He was based at EDB’s Chicago Centre from 2006 – 2009 where he was responsible for investment promotion and cultivation of leading US MNCs and SMEs in the Midwest. Mr Lim assumed office as Head Cleantech Group in October 2008. This group is responsible for the development of the Water and Environment and Alternative Energy industry clusters in Singapore.

Dr Huang Zhaohong has a background in materials science and engineering. He received his PhD from National University of Singapore. Since joining A*STAR-SIMTech in 1995, he has been engaged in surface engineering and fabrication of thin film electronic devices. His current research interest is in electrochemical processes and their industrial applications for green energy, high precision engineering, and solid/liquid waste treatments.
Synopsis: Savings in Manufacturing Plants: Useful Material Recovery from Waste Effluents
In this presentation, the problems and possibilities of recovering valuable materials from industrial wastes are outlined by reference to the evaluations made in the case studies. In particular, examinations are made of titanium, nickel and phosphor recovery from the physical vapor deposition solid waste and the spent electroless nickel solution respectively. The examinations made by SIMTech researchers have shown that the
profitability of a valuable material recovery depends on both the recovering technologies and the recovered material purities. Future trends for a circular material flow will be discussed.

Dr Ian Chan earned his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore, and obtained his Masters and PhD from Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford University. He served as technical lead engineer developing structural monitoring solutions at Acellent Technologies, Inc in Sunnyvale California. He is currently a Research Scientist at A*STAR-SIMTech focusing in energy efficiency for manufacturing operations and equipment. His expertise includes structural monitoring, machine condition monitoring, vibration sensing, signal processing for the main purpose of equipment diagnostics and prognostics.   

Synopsis: Energy Monitoring for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing
The need to drive down the cost of operation and to reduce the utilities consumed by production plants and manufacturing sites will continue to put pressure on companies to constantly reduce its energy consumption without sacrificing its quality and rate of production. Continuous efficiency monitoring will make transparent the plant efficiency and the respective component losses. These can be used to drive operational adjustments and an efficiency condition-based predictive maintenance program. This talk will highlight the use of energy monitoring systems and intelligent processing algorithms to provide an efficiency measure of production equipment and manufacturing plants.

Registration for this event is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who Should Attend
- R&D managers, engineers, architects, professional engineers, building and construction industry professionals  
- IES, ACES, AEIS, SEAS, SHA, SCIC and SIA members

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