Roundtable for Aerospace, Oil and Gas : Opportunities and Synergy for All - A Singapore Inc Approach

Date: 22 Jan 2010 - 22 Jan 2010

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, SIMTech Tower Block, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

Supported by
Economic Development Board (EDB) and SPRING Singapore

In our pursuit to revamp our manufacturing sector, this roundtable creates a proactive opportunity to harness and share the integrated approaches taken by the EDB, SPRING, PE COI together with A*STAR SIMTech. It brings together multi-governmental agencies, business challenges, trends and needs faced by the OEM and the SME in the development of integrated strategies, knowledge and support in making Singapore the Derby and Houston of Asia. This interactive workshop provides a synergistic means to network, explore and develop new markets, customers, suppliers and technologies within and across the aerospace, oil and gas sectors – involving existing and new players. Join us, explore the new high-value added potentials and identify the areas to increase the performance and sustainability of your company using the integrated Singapore Inc. approach.

1.00pm    Registration & Networking
1.45pm    Welcome Address by Dr Lim Ser Yong, Executive Director, SIMTech
2.00pm    Making Singapore a Home for Aerospace, Oil and Gas
                by Mr Sia Kheng Yok, Director, Transport Engineering, EDB   
2.15pm    Growing and bridging the SME in Aerospace, Oil and Gas
                by Mr Simon Lim Beng Yong, Director, Manufacturing &          
                Engineering, SPRING Singapore    
2.30pm    Roles of our MNC - Gaps, Drivers, Synergy and Opportunities for            
                SME in Aerospace Component Manufacturing
                by Dr Jarfor Anders, Senior Scientist, SIMTech, Aerospace Work Group
2.45pm    Cues for our SME - Trends, Opportunities, Synergy, Needs and Requirements in Oil and Gas   
                by Dr Lim Beng Siong, Senior Scientist, SIMTech, Oil and Gas Work Group
3.00pm    Refreshment Break & Networking
3.30pm    Roundtable Discussion
5.00pm    End

Target Audience
Senior Management and Managers from the Aerospace, Oil and Gas clusters

To reserve a seat for this non-chargeable event, please register online.

Registration : Samantha Chan. Email at Tel : 67938423
Logistics: Dr Koh Niak Wu. Email at  Tel : 67938337
Industrial Sectors
Aerospace: Dr Jarfor Anders. Email at  67938576
Oil and Gas: Dr Lim Beng Siong. Email at  67938370