Lean Workshop by Hisazumi Matsuzaki

Date: 17 Aug 2009 - 19 Aug 2009


Participants of this 3-day workshop will learn from Japanese Lean expert and practitioner, Mr Hisazumi Matsuzaki, on the nuts and bolts of the Lean Production System.  Key Lean concepts like Just-in-time, Production Levelling, Kaizen, Standard work, Value Stream Map and 5S will be taught, together with practical examples and applications.  Attendees will be able to take away practical knowledge and apply them in their respective work environment for productivity improvement.  The workshop will incorporate discussions and group works to allow participants to acquire and grasp the intricacies and in-depth knowledge on Lean techniques. 

Lean is a systematic approach to identify and eliminate non value-added activities. This is accomplished through continuous improvement - by flowing the product at the pull of the customer - in pursuit of perfection.  It has been a popular and effective organisational-wide strategy for improving the competitiveness and performance of companies. The Lean concept lends its origin from the Toyota Production System, but the management principles and approaches are relevant to all manufacturing and service environment.   Its successful adoption is exhibited, from the Low-Mix, High-Volume producers (like 3M and Energizer) to the High-Mix, Low-Volume equipment and engine makers (like Mazak and Pratt & Whitney).  This has led to dramatic improvement in these companies’ bottomline through improved productivity and speed to market.

About the Speaker
Hisazumi Matsuzaki is a senior management consultant at Central Japan Industries Association. A reputable author and management consultant on system design encompassing Toyota production system, 5S, organisation management, etc. He also teaches at Keio University graduated school in Japan.

Hisazumi Matsuzaki has published more than ten books in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Two of his more popular books include "learning the Toyota production system through English language" and "5S and Kaizen".

Hisazumi Matsuzaki received his undergraduated degree from the University of Southern California and completed graduate studies at Nagoya University.

Day 1, 17 August (9am-5pm)
A. Introduction to Manufacturing Productivity - Lean Production
* Problem of production lead-time, inventory, quality and defect
* Cost reduction
* Production of many models in small quantity
* Finding and eliminating waste
* Finding root causes
* Move and Work
Group discussion, Q&A

Day 2, 18 August (9am-5pm)
B. Toyota Production System 1 - Lean Production
* Just-in-time
* Production Levelling
Group discussion and Q&A

C. Toyota Production System 2 - Lean Production
* Standardised Work
* Kaizen (Improvement activities)
* Automation vs Autonomation

Day 3, 19 August (9am-5pm)
D. Value Stream Map
* Value Stream Map
* How to draw the map
Group discussion and Q&A

E. 5S
* 5S
* OJT, Off-JT
* QC activity
* Working attitude
* Culture
Group discussion and Q&A

Who Should Attend
Senior and middle management professionals interested in the lean concept and planning to implement it in their companies.  
Pre-registration for the workshop is necessary. Registration fee inclusive of 7% GST, refreshment, buffet lunch and workshop handouts.


SMS Members: S$428.00 (after 20% discount)
Non-SMS member: S$535.00  

All cheques and bank drafts must be made payable to 'Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology', crossed and marked 'A/C payee only'. 

Certificates of participation will be issued to participants with at least 75% of attendance.

SIMTech members enjoy 20% discount, terms and conditions apply. (Limited to 2 participants for Category I members, and 4 participants for Category II members). Companies which join SMS now enjoy a complimentary TIP seat.

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