Technology Lecture on Nanoprecision Micro-mechanical Fabrication Technologies

Date: 19 May 2009 - 19 May 2009

Venue: Training Room 1, Tower Block, Level 3

The Materials Fabrication Laboratory at the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Japan was set up to develop revolutionary and new material processing technologies in grinding, lapping, polishing, cutting and forming for an extensive range of materials. Through advanced research activities on ultraprecision, ultrafine, nanoprecision and ultra-smooth machining processes, required for the fabrication of advanced functional devices such as optical and electronic components, the research of a new field of micro-mechanical fabrication technologies was launched. Surface functional modification, transcription, measurement and evaluation techniques, aiming at a wide variety of materials, precision, mechanics and scale ranging from micrometer to nanometer level, to meet practical and applied industrial needs are the other research areas at RIKEN.

A nanoprecision/ micro-manufacturing systems based on ELID (ELectrolytic In-process Dressing), method has been developed for the advanced production shops. This is a advanced micro-mechanical fabrication tools for manufacturing of advanced micro- components. This presentation will cover the concept and the features of the developed fabrication systems and tools, and also the results achieved. Good performances for nanoprecision/ micro-manufacturing on the developed machine-tools with ELID, will also be featured.

About Speaker
Dr Hitoshi OHMORI received his PhD from the Department of Precision Machinery Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 1991. He joined RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Japan, and is currently a Director and Chief Scientist of the Materials Fabrication Laboratory. His research interests include nanoprecision mechanical fabrication processes for micro-structural / functional devices, applications on micro-fabrication processes, forming processes / tribological investigations under micro to nano-scale and computational mechanics of materials forming processes.
1.45pm    Registration
2.00pm    Presentation by Dr Ohmori
3.00pm    End of technical presentation

Who Should Attend
Researchers, lecturers/students from Institutions, polytechnics & universities. Engineering managers, engineers, executives, officers & technologists from the Precision Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Photonics, Optics, Bio-technology, Manufacturing and Machining clusters.

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