Seminar & Workshop on Preparation & Characterisation of Nanoparticles

Date: 07 Oct 2013 - 08 Oct 2013

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block

This event brings together technology suppliers and users to highlight the recent developments in the equipment development in nanoparticle preparation and characterisation. Sponsored by Netzsch Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, this seminar cum workshop aims to generate greater awareness on trends and applications for industry clusters. Participants will gain a better understanding of the modern particle size reduction methods and capabilities as well as particle characterisation techniques for size, shape and zeta potential.  

Day 1: 7th Oct 2013 Seminar 

9.00am            Welcome & Introduction 

                       -Introduction for Netzsch
                       -Introduction for Malvern
                       -Introduction for SIMTech

9.45am            Use of Nanoparticles in Coatings (SIMTech)

10.00am          Tea Break & Networking

10.20am          Fundamentals of the Grinding Process and Agitator Bead Mills (NETZSCH)

                       Terms and Definitions/Specific energy/Stress energy/Stress number/Grinding media
                       parameter/Residence Time Distribution

12.00noon        Lunch

1.00pm            Survey about Grinding Systems (NETZSCH)

                       Laboratory and production sizes machines

1.45pm            Grinding and Dispersion Down to the Nanometer Size Range (NETZSCH)

                       - Real grinding down to the nanometer range
                       - Smooth dispersion
                       - Results and Example for Nano-Application

2.45pm            Tea Break & Networking

3.00pm            Characterisation of Nanoparticles and Dispersion (Malvern)
                       Modern Particle Characterization Techniques for size, shape and zeta potential

4:45pm            Instrument Demonstration Practical (NETZSCH and Malvern)

5.30pm            End 

Day 2: 8 Oct 2013 WORKSHOP 

9.00am            Dry grinding down to the submicron particle size range (NETZSCH)

10.00am          Tea Break & Networking

10.15am          Discussions and Question

11.15am          End

About the Speakers
Dr Ing. Stefan Mende
After his study of chemical engineering and mechanical engineering at the University in Halle and Freiberg between 1994 and 1999, Dr Mende did his PhD-study in Braunschweig at the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering. Dr Mende started his career with Netzsch in 2004. The title of his PhD thesis is “Mechanical production of nanoparticles by comminution in stirred media mills”. As sales link between the engineering and marketing he supports the sales as specialist for nanotechnology and characterisation of dispersion. Dr. Mende is responsible for internal and external laboratory trainings and the performance of NETZSCH seminars too. Dr Mende is manager of research and development of the NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH since 2008. 

Dr Herman Teo is the Applications Specialist for DKSH Technology Pte Ltd, a business unit in Singapore under the No. 1 market expansion services provider, DKSH, with a focus on Asia. He obtained his Bachelor degree with Honours in Materials Engineering, and subsequently a Doctor of Philosophy from Nanyang Technological University Singapore, with five years’ experience in thermal analysis and characterization of polymer nanocomposites. He is currently responsible for providing regional training and application support for the range of particle characterization, rheological and liquid gel chromatography instruments, covering Singapore and Malaysia.

Who Should Attend
Industry partners including R&D Managers, Engineers who wish to learn more about the trends and recent developments in nanoparticle preparation and characterisation. Participants from paints and coatings industry will find this seminar especially useful. 

Registration for this event is free of charge. Seats are available on first-come, first-served basis.
To reserve a place, please register online.

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