Innovations in Laser Assisted Manufacture and Materials Processing

Date: 13 Jan 2006 - 13 Jan 2006

Venue: Auditorium, Tower Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive


Laser processing has been applied widely in industry for cutting, welding, drilling, rapid prototyping, micro-machining and surface treatment. Laser processing of materials is, however, different from conventional machining because each new application or new material calls for a detailed study of laser material interaction and its effects; and in many cases, innovative technology needs to be developed to solve a particular problem. This lecture will provide updates on several novel laser-based manufacturing and materials processing techniques recently developed at the Laser Processing Research Centre (LPRC), the University of Manchester.

These techniques include:
- chemical assisted laser micro-machining to eliminate recast and reduce heat affected zones typically associated with laser processing
- combined wire and powder feeding laser cladding for single pass functionally graded surface coating and rapid prototyping/manufacturing
- combined laser sol-gel coating of metal matrix composite - deep section (500 mm) concrete cutting
- combined laser and EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) drilling for next generation fuel injection nozzle manufacture

Key topics to be addressed will include the industrial needs, scientific and technical challenges, operating principles, process characteristics and potential applications of the above techniques. In addition, the following innovative processes to improve the materials processing quality and efficiency recently developed in the LPRC will be briefly addressed: - non-conventional beam geometries for laser processing - back-wall strike damage prevention and dross-free laser drilling of hollow components for medical and aerospace applications - taper and spatter control in laser drilling - hybrid laser/flame spray for improved surface coating

About the Speaker

Professor Lin Li received his PhD in laser processing from the Imperial College in 1989. He then worked at the Laser Laboratory for 6 years at the Liverpool University prior to joining the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) as a lecturer in 1994. He was promoted to a Reader in 2000; and in the same year, he was further promoted to a full Professor. Professor Lin Li holds a Chair in laser Engineering at the University of Manchester and he is the Director of Laser Processing Research Centre (LPRC) with a team of over 20 scientists. Currently the LPRC is equipped with 15 high power laser processing systems with the widest range of laser facilities for materials processing in the UK. The research achievements, contributed by LPRC, have received recognition and honours including the Charles Mains Award, Sir Frank Whittle Award and the UK House of Commons Best Engineer of the Year Award. The current research projects in the LPRC are funded by over £3 million external research contracts.

Professor Lin Li is the author/co-author of over 300 publications and a book. He is also the inventor/co-inventor of 30 patents on laser processing techniques.
Professor Lin Li is also:
- Member of the Editorial Board of journal Optics and Laser Technology
- Member of Executive Committee of Association of Industrial Laser Users
- Fellow of IEE
- Member of CIRP
- Director of Northwest Laser Engineering Consortium

Who Should Attend

Industry professionals, CTOs, vice presidents, managing directors, executive directors, managers, engineers, executives, officers & technologists from the precision engineering, transport, electronics, manufacturing and machining clusters as well as researchers and academic staff from universities, polytechnics and research institutes.

Free admission. All are welcome.

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