Workshop on State-of-the-art Casting Technologies for Production of Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Components

Date: 19 Oct 2005 - 20 Oct 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Seminar Room, Valley Block, Level 1


Metal casting is one of the most effective and economical way of producing shaped metal components. However, it is essential that component designers and casting producers understand how to get the best performance from both the castings and the processes used to produce them. The workshop will describe the range of casting processes suitable for producing precision quality castings in terms of dimensional accuracy, surface quality and metallurgical integrity with the support of video clips. Novel processes such as Lost Foam” and “Lost Wax” processes will also be presented. The emphasis will be on those processes suitable for the production of castings for automotive, aerospace and marine components. 

Seminar Programme

Day 1, 19 October 2005: Casting Design, Solidification and Foundry Methoding

- The casting process defined
- The advantages and perceived disadvantages of castings
- The solidification of castings
- The relationship between design and shrinkage defects
- Foundry methods-feeder design exercises
- The avoidance of solidification shrinkage defects
- Gating system principles
- Foundry methods-gating system design exercises
- The avoidance of inclusion defects
- Gases in metals
- The avoidance of gas defects
- CAE simulation for casting product development

Day 2, 20 October 2005: Precision Casting Processes-An Overview
- Casting process classification
- Precision casting in context
- Precision sand casting: materials, processes and capabilities
- Precision sand casting: the “Lost Foam” process
- Investment casting: materials and processes
- Investment casting: processes control and capabilities
- Die casting: materials, processes and capabilities
- CAE simulation: case studies by Dr Fu MW
- Practical demonstration by Dr S Thakur