The 3rd International Conference on Materials Procesing for Properties and Performance (MP3) - Advanced Moulding and Forming Technologies Symposium

Date: 24 Nov 2004 - 26 Nov 2004

Venue: Orchard Parade Hotel

Scope : The scope of the Advanced Moulding and Forming Technologies Symposium will include materials development, processing/fabrication technologies, Modelling, Simulation, Characterisation and Applications of advanced materials and processes.

Topics of interest : (but are not restricted to)

Materials development :
- Metal-matrix, ceramic-matrix and polymer matrix composites
- Nano-composites, nano-powders, and nano-sized materials
- Advanced metal, ceramic and polymer materials
- Smart materials, bio-materials and packaging materials

Processing Technologies :
- Precision machining and laser material processing
- Precision metal forming
- Polymer material processing
- Micro processing technologies
- Surface technologies
- ECO-friendly processes

Modelling and Simulation :
- Moulding and forming process simulation
- Process control and monitoring
- Structural analysis
- Advanced 3D Simulations