Characterisation, Analysis & Testing for the Manufacturing Industry

Date: 12 Aug 2004 - 16 Sep 2004

Venue: Seminar Room, Level 1, Valley Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive Singapore 638075

This practical course presents a wide range of advanced analytical techniques to accurately characterise materials, test devices and analyse the results. Participants will learn how to select the most appropriate tools for their needs, understand the basic principles, as well as gain practical knowledge and skills on how to use the instruments.

Course Topics :

- Introduction to characterisation & testing methodologies
- The world through a microscope
- Mechanical Testing – Destructive solutions
- Spectroscopic characterisation techniques
- X-rays -Shining light on manufacturing problems
- Principles and applications of Failure Analysis – Manufacturing detectives

Course Leaders :

Dr Andrew Spowage, Dr Tung Siew Kong, Ms Xie Hong and Mr Wilson Sim are from the Precision Measurements Group.

Dr Andrew Christopher Spowage is a Senior Research Engineer at SIMTech working on Six-Sigma, X-ray technologies, materials characterisation, stability and development of light alloys and the investigation of lead-free solder alloys and associated interconnects. Previously, Dr Spowage worked as a senior metallurgical scientist and materials ageing specialist for the Ministry of Defence, UK. He obtained his PhD in Physical Metallurgy from the University of Nottingham.

Dr Tung Siew Kong is a Senior Scientist at SIMTech working on micro-structural engineering of nickel base materials for aerospace applications and techniques and instruments development for materials characterisation, testing and measurement. Prior to joining SIMTech, Dr Tung specialised in the areas of materials science at the National University of Singapore.

Mr Wilson Sim is a Senior Research Officer at SIMTech working on materials characterisation, testing and evaluation as well as operating the various materials characterisation testing equipment in the laboratories.

Ms Xie Hong is a Research Engineer at SIMTech working on characterisation techniques including ellipsometry, IR, Raman, scanning probe microscopy and thermal analysis. She is also actively involved in various industrial and in-house projects covering characterisation, evaluation and failure analyses of thin films, polymeric materials and electronic materials and components.