Seminar on Advanced Metal Casting

Date: 21 May 2013 - 21 May 2013

Venue: SIMTech Tower Auditorium; Roundtable discussion (by invitation) in Training Room 1&2

The seminar on Advanced Metal Casting will take place on Tuesday 21st May 2013 from 12:30 PM to 6 PM at the Singapore institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a research institute of the Agency for Science, technology and Research (A*STAR).  

The objective of this seminar is to update participants with recent trends in metal casting and foundry. An overview in the following areas will be presented in this seminar.

Key trends, new developments as well as established capabilities will be presented and discussed in the Seminar. The participants will gain more knowledge on product development process and productivity improvement but also deeper insights into metal casting and precision metal casting. 

SIMTech Technologies in Liquid Forging and NDT technologies which include Liquid forging for high precision and defect free casting will be highlighted in the seminar. There will also be a showcase of products and applications of a number of casting related companies. 

Focus areas will be:

  • Process and design developments in Casting
  • Light metals Casting with a Focus on Magnesium
  • Liquid forging technique of defect free high aspect ratio components
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Castings

SIMTech is undertaking various initiatives to help local industry in the area of metal casting.  These include a series of training courses (funded and certified by WDA) as well as planned Collaborative Industry Projects on defects control in metal casting, and metal casting processes to be launched in 2013. The Seminar will provide the opportunity to hear from participants and collect invaluable feedback for SIMTech when the upcoming project scopes are being defined.

There will also be a showcase of products and applications of a number of casting related companies. 


12pm          Registration and Networking 

1.00pm       Opening Address by Dr Stephen Wong, Industry Development Office 

1.05pm       PECOI PE-Metal Industry Initiative by Mr Rick Yeo, Lead for PE-Metal 

1.20pm       Keynote Presentation: Recent Innovations in Light Metals Casting: A
                  Magnesium Perspective by Prof. Mark Gibson, Research Group Leader
                  with CSIRO, Australia 

2.05 pm      Keynote Presentation: Foundry development, Process and design,
                  Prof.  Nasser Varahram Head of research and development team of
                  SUTCAST, Canada

2.50pm       Simulation in Metal Casting by Mr Christian Kleeberg,
                  Managing Director, MAGMA Engineering Asia Pacific Pte Lte  

3.20pm       Liquid forging - Flowing Ahead with the Future
                  Dr Chua Beng Wah, SIMTech Scientist

3.40pm       Non-destructive Testing of Metal Castings
                  Dr Malcolm Andrew Alexander, SIMTech Principal Research Engineer 

4.00pm       CIP proposal and Graduate Diploma courses for
                  Advanced Precision metal casting
                  - Dr Mehrdad, Zarinejad, technical Lead for PE-Metal, SIMTech 

4.10pm       Roundtable Discussion with Industry (by invitation)

5.20pm       Presentation Summary of Roundtable Discussion

5.30pm       End 

About the Speakers
Dr Andrew A. Malcolm is a Principal Research Engineer with the Precision Measurements Group at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech). He received his MSc in Computer-Aided Engineering and his PhD for a thesis on precision measurement through fringe pattern analysis from Liverpool John Moores University in 1987 and 1995 respectively. Prior to joining SIMTech in early 1996, he worked for Timken Europe Research developing vision systems for non-destructive testing, process control and product inspection and for Liverpool John Moores University as an Industrial Research Fellow and Sessional Lecturer. He has a background in machine and computer vision, x-ray inspection, image processing, testing and inspection, visual guidance systems for autonomous vehicles, stereo vision and teleoperation control. He is currently involved with a number of research and industry projects at SIMTech in the areas of X-ray imaging and computed tomography for NDT&E for applications in the aerospace, precision engineering and energy industries. His area of research interests include computed tomography for visualisation and dimensional measurement, X-ray inspection and advanced image processing, non-destructive testing and evaluation.

Dr Chua Beng Wah is a research scientist in Forming Technology Group at SIMTech. Beng Wah received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from NUS in 2006. His current research focuses on metal forming and casting processes, particularly in the areas of liquid forging of light alloys Al, Mg and composites, hybrid forming of high strength components and nanostructured materials. He is currently a team leader involving with a number of research and industry projects and he is responsible for the technology commercialization especially for the translation of the liquid forging technology into the market place.

Dr Mehrdad Zarinejad is a Physical metallurgist, Technical lead for metals initiative and consultant for PECOI, SIMTech. He has been involved in research and development of engineering materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, and materials design and processing since 1996.

Non-destructive Testing of Metal Castings
The Precision Measurements Group at SIMTech has extensive experience in the research and development of X-ray inspection techniques for non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT&E) for applications in the aerospace, precision engineering and energy industries. Recent work has focused on the custom design, development and implementation of a large scale high-energy multiple-source X-ray CT facility which will significantly increase the size, density and complexity of component that can be examined. This presentation will showcase the development of the system and highlight its potential as tool for non-destructive testing of cast and other components. Latest research developments on automatic defect detection in X-ray CT inspection applied to castings will be presented.

Liquid Forging - Flowing ahead with the future
With the current demand on reducing materials consumption through near net shape processing and higher-strength parts for weight savings, the emergence of Liquid Forging as a production process has provided engineers a new alternative to the traditional approaches of casting and forging. Liquid Forging is a process by which molten metal solidifies under pressure and produces a rapid heat transfer condition with the die wall surface that yields a pore-free fine-grain casting with good mechanical properties. This presentation provides an insight into the development of the liquid forging process in SIMTech and introduces some of the key process value propositions in producing thin and high aspect ratio feature components using wrought Al alloys.

CIP proposal and Graduate Diploma courses for Advanced Precision Metal Casting
In a short talk, a proposal for a collaborative industry project (CIP) will be introduced. A Summary of the training elements as well as industry project themes such as productivity and quality improvement in casting within the CIP will be highlighted.


Who Should Attend
CEOs, General Managers, R&D Managers, senior engineers, Team leaders, research fellows and engineers who working in foundry and casting manufacturing, suppliers and purchasers, casting designers, technical sales representatives, and anyone who seeks an overview of latest techniques in metal casting processing.

Online Registration
Registration for this seminar is free of charge. All are welcome. 

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